Xbox 360 bans rise to 1 million, banned consoles go up for sale

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Nov 12, 2009
  1. Yukka,

    Hmmm, maybe epic ***** would be the term for you?? Thats funny you say I was whining but you decided to not quote what I said right after I said I was banned huh? Ok so I'll say it again for you....I DONT CARE that I was banned, somehow I dont translate that into whining.. Oh and guess what I downloaded MW2 for the PC for FREE also...So take your steam and shove it!!!.......LMAO
  2. isamuelson

    isamuelson TS Booster Posts: 100

    Wow. That really makes it okay, huh?

    The main point is NOT because of paying for XB Live (which you can have for free if you choose not to go the Gold route), but to prevent people from cheating on games as well as running pirated games on the consoles.
  3. Being an ex Microsoft employee I have witnessed first hand the sleazy practises they adopt. My friends and I are working on deciphering the traffic between the console and the live services in order to identify a way of "fiddling the packets" to make Microsoft think the request is coming from a machine with a different serial number. Its not going to be easy but we like a challenge.
  4. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,286   +902

    OMG! I don't have the right english term at hand, but what a deuce all this guests are!

    If you want the real deal, buy the real thing... you and your cheap "backups" and now beleiving you deserve something, grow up.

  5. UMmmmmm no...............MS has NOT prevented people from running pirated games on consoles, they have only prevented modded consoles from running on live....

    You cant play multiplayer on XBL unless you are Gold, but you can play on PS3 for free regardless, so again your point is moot, because XBL is not truely "free" for multiplayer......

  6. Wow........You have to buy a REAL xbox in the first place right? Even if you mod it afterwards....And the cost of 25 of those cheap disc that we burn those "backups" on, is less than the full retail price of ONE game.......Hmmmm so let me see, burn 25 "backups" for the price of one retail game, I may not even like after buying it... How much money have I saved?? You do the math.... Ands whats worse, I don't even have to leave my house and go buy the game.....All I need is a fast internet connection, a blank disc, and a dual layer dvd burner and I'm playing the latest games for xbox in about an hour or two......LMAO. And if I'm banned? I go down to gamestop and buy another 360 for 130 bucks, the cost of TWO retail games, and I'm back on live....Now if that ain't grown, I don't know what is!! Just speaking as a "guest" that is....... :)
  7. Vrmithrax

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    For all those saying that Microsoft should just charge more to allow the modded systems, or cancel the account and make them get a new one, you are all missing the point. This isn't about the money (at least in that sense), it's about getting modded systems off their Live servers. Period. Charging more for allowing modded units is just condoning modding of their consoles, which they categorically denounce.

    Now, as for how the money thing really rolls out, here's something to consider. Say a great online play title comes out, and it becomes a great target for pirate copiers. Now there are tons of that game floating around, and if people are playing that game using Live, they are now taxing the MS servers with absolutely no financial return to MS. Part of the licensing revenues from game sales go towards running and maintaining the Live servers. That's how they have the basic level of Live that is free. The gold membership money adds to that pool for maintenance and operation. So if a ton of pirates are using Live, but not contributing at all to the operational costs, why the hell would MS ever NOT want those slimers off their networks? They are freeloaders, and it is Microsoft's right to boot them. Just like a scumball loitering in a restaurant can be refused service and/or kicked off the premises by the owner of the restaurant, MS reserves the right to refuse service to ANYONE that breaks their rules.

    It's pretty simple, really. You mod, you lose. But the ones on the receiving end of the punishment always feel a self-righteous entitlement to things they don't deserve, and throw a fit when they get caught and are forced to pay for their actions. You guys really want to make a stand? A good start would be ending the cowardly hiding behind Guest logins when you feel you have a righteous cause. Anonymous testimonials carry little to no weight.
  8. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,667   +1,097

    This is why i didn't buy a console, but i did it would be PS3. (and yes, it's because it has a BR drive and more free stuff - the exclusives are also to my liking, much more than the xbox ones).
    But in the end PC's are my favorites.
  9. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +67

    I have a good job, I like playing games, I dont mind paying for them if it helps them to make more of them for me to enjoy.

    Laugh as long or as hard as you want but if everyone was like you we wouldnt have anything to play. No thanks mate.
  10. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +67

    and if thats not an epic fail I don't know what is. And if you weren't whining about it, what were you doing? Boasting about pirating games as if its your right to pirate?
  11. i too have been hit by the latest ban wave, still trying to fgure out why, my console has never been modded, ive never used a cheat or anything on it, i did in the past on a now rrod console, although it was by mstake as i originally bought a second handconsole that i was unaware was modded and transfered the gamertag onto my new hard drive on my brand new console. Now microsoft tech support basically tell me im lying and no support is offered on a banned console, i will be seekin legal advice cos sometimes even superpowers are wrong, and bill gates' minions cant just decide that theyre right when i know theyre not. Im gonna find a nice PS3 and let them have my money seeing how my ps2 still works from the date of release and im now on xbox number 2, besides modern warfare 2 looks far better on ps3.
  12. olibenu

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    any other telltale signs on a banned console apart from the refused 'net conn?
  13. PS3 sales are going to sky rocket. Sony i hope you send MS a Christmas card for this kind gift they are giving you. I will never on a Xbox again because of this.
  14. Darkshadoe

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    If you modded you Xbox on purpose, your probably sh*t outta luck. Those people who unknowingly bought a Xbox that was banned might be able to get legal recourse by suing the seller if they didnt fully exclose that the console was banned. Check the lemon laws where you live.
  15. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +67

    If every person who got their xbox banned and thought MS was in the wrong bought a PS3 and ****ed off of live, I wouldnt mind :) Sounds like they have improved my service
  16. You get what you deserve. Hope you game pirates have fun shopping for a new xbox LOL
  17. At least MS dosn't want to put you in jail for not having health insurance! now thats something to be unset about!
    Modding give you an advantage over those who don't ! bann the Xbox and player!
    Follow the rules and quit cheating
  18. At least MS dosn't want to put you in jail for not having health insurance! now thats something to be upset about!
    Modding give you an advantage over those who don't ! bann the Xbox and player!
    Follow the rules and quit cheating
  19. dead right we're better off without the modders maybe they should have their credit card details handed over to the authorities so they can get charged for all the copyright infringement.
  20. good we're better off without you lol
  21. It is OK. People who bought XBox 360's in the first place will just pony up more money and buy another one. No harm done.
  22. Wendig0

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    And yet all Sony has to do to prevent cheating on games is patch them. Seems to work just fine. A lot of the people I know on Sony's servers that glitch actually report the glitches to Sony, rather than actually cheating in them. Those that cheat on a regular basis, only get banned for a single game title, forcing them to create a new account, rather than banning the console from future online play. Microsoft's tactics are too harsh for a system that rarely works correctly to begin with.
  23. to sum up Microsoft's thinking,

    ban 1 million consoles = 1 million more console sales.

    they feel the ps3 coming up on their tail fast and are trying to get every last ounce of sales out of their consoles so they can boast the numbers to investors.

    right now MS has 33 million consoles sold and Sony has 26 million. if you take into account the people who bought a second console when their first went RROD Sony could have more FUNCTIONAL consoles out there than Microsoft. They are feeling the pressure and are grabbing at anything they can who cares about the backlash and the probable hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting customers who buy banned consoles as long as people keep dumping money into the Microsoft Marketing Machine they don't care.
  24. Vrmithrax

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    to sum up Microsoft's thinking,

    ban 1 million modded consoles = 1 million potential pirating consoles off their network

    They will lose far more money than they will gain from this move, and they knew it from the time they started. More people will leave in disgust and grab a PS3 than will go out and buy another Xbox. But, you see, Microsoft could care less, the ones leaving are the ones they don't want - mods have a much higher potential to affect profit margins and overall revenues than the loss of some customers. What those of you who keep saying this was done to sell more consoles fail to realize is that MS makes a pittance on each unit, it's the licensing fees that make the money. Even if they only get a fraction of the console sales, they will get a nice huge chunk when the slimeballs who were pirating their games and had to get rid of the modded console now have to actually *gasp* BUY the game if they want to play it.

    The ones who are the most ticked in this situation (with nobody to blame but themselves) are the ones who are upset because their free ride just had a huge consequential price tag dropped on them. Those who are mad because they got banned without knowing they had a modded system, keep in mind that ranting and raving at Microsoft as being stupid and not caring about them is misplaced - the culprit in this was the person who sold you the invalid unit, please direct your venom accordingly.
  25. Good Luck with all this interest in a solution it won't be long before those greedy Bastads at Microsoft are playing catch up again... In the meantime I'll be using my PS3 ..Long live the revolution!
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