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Xbox 360 bans rise to 1 million, banned consoles go up for sale

By Justin · 114 replies
Nov 12, 2009
  1. Ok first and formost i will admit to having a modded xbox, and that my console was banned, this is how my story starts, i went out on the 1st day that the 360 was released and bought my console and in general was very happy with it, until about 7 or 8 months later i had a hardware failiure, had intact warranty so it was ok, another 3 months later another fault, 5 months later same problem and then joy no problems.

    Then 1 day i got the famous rrod so i call up m$ and get told that i am 20 odd days over my 3 year warranty, but they can fix it for £65 and £30 delivery, now at the time a core was only £139 so do the math, so i decieded to take mine apart and fix it myself which i did for the cost of £1.07.

    Now i must admit i felt rather slighted by m$ for trying so much for bad hardware they had applied to the console in the 1st place, once i had already taken my machine apart i got my friend to flash the machine, and got some games, although i can honestly admit that 90% of the games i got were games that i had honestly bought before but had traded in.

    Now i have been banned, but although M$ tried ripping me off before it is my fault and my fault alone that i got banned, at the end of the day i have to take it on the chin, i knew i was violating terms and conditions, but then i did that when i fixed my own xbox.

    Long and short is that i will go out and buy a new console as i love online gaming, (by the way i have a ps3 and apart from their service being free nothing else compares), and i love M$'s machine.

    I have learned my lesson and other people out there that have been banned should do the same, quit bitching, you knew what you were doing and knew the risks.
  2. Mycologist

    Mycologist TS Rookie Posts: 20

    Modders shouldn't be pissed if they get banned, MS are fully entitled to do so! If you break the t&c's that you signed up to, it's totally reasonable for them to cut off your service. Moreover, it makes no sense to ban the account and no the console, as modders can just go ahead and make a new account. It may seem to suck, but MS are out there to make money; if you sign up to their service, then fart in their faces by breaking their terms, you can expect them to be not too happy about it. You want to play their games, you've gotta play by their rules.
  3. The Xbox seems like a product to avoid buying in the first place. Microsoft never really lets you own it do they?
  4. tengeta

    tengeta TS Enthusiast Posts: 612

    They gave fair warnings, people just don't read them. Apple did this with Atom users, so get the hell over it and stop this one sided whining.
  5. Good for Microsoft. Just making it one more reason why no one wants to buy anything associated with their company. I wish everyone would just stand up against Microsoft and say I Wont Buy Anything That Microsoft Makes. Download Chrome OS Next week.
  6. Whining?? ..................Never. Boasting?..........Not a chance

    Fact is, I simply made a comment......I bought a retail copy of MW2 which I always intended to do in the first place.....I played it on my modded console, for a day or so, then I was banned....Nothing more, nothing less....See your mistake is assuming that I'm depressed about being banned...Not in the least. I was going to be banned eventually regardless and I already have a new unbanned, unmodded xbox to play on live with, and I have my modded banned xbox to continue playing those "pirated" games, on... I have a great job and make more than enough to buy my games any time I choose.....However, I choose not to spend my money on games that are crap or I may play only once or twice...Some of you seem to take it personally that you buy your overpriced games, and others can play the same game for free.....Well guess what, get over it... When it comes to XBL itself, everything is fair, everyone pays for the service, so stop YOUR whining about what you have no control over anyway.........
  7. Look, i was apparently banned around on November 14th, 2:30am - 10:30 am, I have no idea why and it sais that they cant tell me why, if you have any ideas on how i could possibly fix this it would be extremely helpful, or even just talk to microsoft

    I live in Australia so our timezones may be different if you live in America
  8. It's a mickey mouse system, so suppose microsoft are doing you a favour by banning....see thy are still trying to rule the world and piss on competion
  9. Xbox or microsoft are con artists who just shot them selves in the foot cause i reckon people are
    going to buy ps3's cause xbox is rubbish
  10. yeah i know my friend just got banned, so he bought a new console, switched covers on the consoles, and sold his banned console back to target with a different serial number. someones gonna be pissed. lol
  11. i think that they should only ban the gamertags too. they are banning so much xboxs that lots of people are switching to ps3 as for me im going to too.they a ripping people off they banned of of my consoles then i bought another and the first two days they banned that one ps3 sounds best
  12. Ever heard of X Link Kai?? You can play online with other players and its not xbox live. FREE!!
    Just register, and lets play!!
  13. Wow, I think this is hilarious. I'm glad MS tossed the banhammer at all those consoles. Modders KNOW that they are voiding the warranty and doing something they shouldn't. Now, I get to sit back and laugh. On top of that...so many of the modders are posting back rants and childish gibberish....hopefully it forces them to pay a little out of pocket to get back on XBL or just never return.

    PLEASE go buy the PS3's....most of you act like whiny little Halo kids...and I'd much rather not have to mute half the people online when I play...
  14. I think MS will be hit hard for doing this....the millions that are banned will try to sell thier xbox and go for a different console.....there i said it...stupid move Micro Soft
  15. I'm not whining like a halo kid, fact is i knew the risk and evntually got caught, lol as for buying a PS3 i have one, its the best dust collector i have ever bought, yes the live service might be free but in all other aspects the console sucks online in my opinion, never able to join friends, cant hear anybody properly, takes an eon to get to messages compared to xbox and for what, there are only a few decent titles that PS3 has the the xbox doesnt, and the xbox exclusives are much better than most of the PS3 exclusives, i mean come on the gears series are not comparable to killzone or fall of man rubbish.
  16. Get off your high horse and understand that not everyoine can afford to pay the extortionate £45+ for new titles. Also hacked games and hacked consoles do not provide any sort of advantage to the player whatsoever, its like saying a copied cd means you get more tracks.
  17. So , Micro$oft ban the consoles. What happens next ?

    Do they think that the banned console is going to disappear into thin air ? If the owner decides to keep it and not replace it , than he is going to be using a hell of a lot more pirated games.

    If it gets sold, somebody is gonna buy it and that somebody is NOT going to bother buying original games.

    I always believed that if a game is worth playing, its worth buying an original copy of it.

    I have got loads of copied Xbox360 games, but the ones i actually enjoyed playing have ALL been replaced with genuine originals. And its not 1 or 2 games, just to mention a few there is Mirrors Edge, Kayne & Lynch, Forza 2, GTA4, Test Drive Unlimited, Asassins Creed, Gears of War 1 & 2 and quite a few more.

    Games i didn't particularly like, i simply don't play and hence my pirate copy ends up NEVER being used.

    Now, Micro$oft has banned me for having a modded console, even though i hardly ever played online and have NEVER used a pirate game online. I have never cheated either.

    They stuck TWO fingers at me (And many others). I have NO respect for them and from now on even games i love and play will not be originals. Why should i respect them after unfairly banning me.

    I state, the only reason i have a modded console:

    [A] To Try games out - If i like i buy , if i dont i won't play. This is not bulls*** i can show anyone who asks me a photo of all my original games.

    To play games before release or while i am waiting for the original to arrive.

    I have NEVER abused and played online an unreleased game or any other game which was a copy. Originals only.

    Well Microsoft, i hope you are happy with shooting yourselves in the foot, at least when it came to me. I will still keep my 360 because i think its better than the PS3.

    If you decide to unban me, maybe i will continue to buy my games orinal.
  18. the banned xboxes go on sale on ebay along with the unbanned ones
    buyers don't know what they are getting so they assume every console is banned and the prices drop.....good for consumers...........bad for micro$oft...ha ha
  19. xbrxlunch

    xbrxlunch TS Rookie

    its not that much to loose. you can buy a RROD'ed xbox off of ebay for like 50$ and then just fix it. thats what i ended up doing
  20. what ticks me off about this is their banning for ANY console tampering, as i the penny trick to keep system from failing, the fix for r74 with the silver gel , the mod to have a bigger hard drive, fixes for any of the red light fails, if they were not done at an XBOX repair facility, not always but some of them have been. and some cosoles right out of the box refubished have been banned, i have one bought from kmart at a thanks giving sale that was banned cause the refurbisher didnt replace the aftermarket fan in it. this is gonna be bad for microsuck.
  21. microsoft built a system made to fail this is what happens they have studies that say it has a 47% fail rate in first 2 years , 470 out of 1000 consoles, bricks. they also purposely built in a problem with the disc drive that wears out games after a very short time. ad if you bump it with a game in it it destroys the game(little rings) microsoft 360 sucks theyshould recall them all and fix them. cheap ba*tards. buy the way wii has a rate of around 6 out of 100.
  22. Night Hacker

    Night Hacker TS Enthusiast Posts: 125   +20

    *** Good job Microsoft ***

    I have no sympathy for cheaters what so ever. You want an XBox? Buy one new and play fair, you'll have no problems. I'm an honest person, I don't cheat and can't stand it when someone else cheats and ruins a good game. I have had several games over the years that were a lot of fun to play that I ended up having to shelve and never touch again due to there being too many cheaters that ruined it.
  23. what are you on about, people who flash their xboxs dont cheat inside games, modding you're xbox does not do that, the people who ruin games are the people who mod controllers, giving themselves an unfair advantage and also creating lag, and have a look on ebay some of these controllers go for nearly as much as an xbox.
  24. Kudo's Vrmithrax! You nailed it on the head. The rest of you useless cheap modders got what you deserved. I do feel sorry for the lot of you who didn't realize your used console was modded or perhaps a few who had been banned for no just cause, but the majority of others who knew the risks and finally got caught, no sympathy from me...
  25. This reading made my DAY! I am an avid online gamer...and the word 'console' does not exist in my home. Nonetheless....to read about cheaters finally getting theirs....is a GOOD thing. To those cheaters: You're lucky that Microsoft doesnt send you a bill for having to take their time to remove you from the rest of the community.
    ANYthing that forces people to adhere to some form of compliance and community standards is a good thing....or else you end up with a bunch of rampant little jerks doing and saying as they please. It's bad enough that lazy parents use the internet to babysit their kids because it's cheaper to pay a monthly game fee than it is to deal with them. Now Microsoft has to set a world precedence. KUDOS Microsoft. I HATE your services and products but I 100% support your decision and actions.
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