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Xbox 360 bans rise to 1 million, banned consoles go up for sale

By Justin · 114 replies
Nov 12, 2009
  1. methinks this would be a good time to go to the store and buy a new Xbox 360. Then if it is banned, I will be guaranteed to be a part of the inevitable class-action lawsuit that will occur.
  2. JudaZ

    JudaZ TS Enthusiast Posts: 284

    Guest " inevitable class-action lawsuit that will occur" .. for what? You have to open you xbox to flash it ... (usually you have to connect the DVD to a pc to flash the firmware) .. you just voided all warrenties... whats you complaint? .What are you goint to sue MS for? .
    .beeing ignorent?

    If Ms had to give money to all people beeing that, they wouldnt be making as much money as they are...they would owe trillions of dollars
  3. I think we are all over looking a major fact here. Microsoft is not only banning people with the standard "mod" which is flashing the DVD drive. They are banning anyone who has repaired their own xbox. Because people could not afford to, or are smart enough to repair their own consoles they are now forced to go out and buy a new console. The fact the M$ is charging people to repair their console after it breaks and is punishing those who can't/aren't willing to pay them to do so has created a monopoly on the system. Most people buy the xbox for online play but now if it breaks and you are poor you are gonna be screwed out of your 1-3 hundred bucks. I actually flashed my own DVD drive not in an attempt to mod the console, as I can show proof of ownership on all the games ever put on my console. I flashed the DVD drive because there was an error in the drive after the warrenty ran out and it would only read games as DVD movies. So I repaired it myself. I am now banned, and I will likely pay for a new console but I think the actions by M$ are rediculous in nature and a simple ploy to gain revenue in a recession.
  4. UK unemployed 42 yr old (due to medical problems), Scrimped and saved to get my son who lives with his mum not me! a much wanted Xbox for Xmas of course a second hand machine was the only option, got it buzzing' it came with fifa 09 bonus Ive been playing it on live (son doesnt know ive got him the console yet) My sister his aunt bought him the new call of duty forget its full title excellent he's gonna be so happy his schoolmates have been on live for a long time! tried it BANNED!! console as far as I know isnt modded tried to get an explanation Xbox tell me they dont have to give me one,,,,, Cmon this is so wrong i am gutted not a leg t stand on......... Only hope is that his mums new boyfriend may buy him a new console (really comforting thought!) Just my luck guys devastated.... D
  5. absolutely ridicules to say the least it was just over all a money move as a person who has had their console banned in this deal i can offer a semi honest persons prospective though i burned my games i never cheated and most of these people were like that the only people that are cheating dont have modded systems they have modded controllers and they are still online right now as i sit and stare at my xbox and wishing i could play the new call of duty i find that ****ing crazy and now their going to get so much more money because these people are all gonna go out there and buy a new xbox and instead of getting fifty times a million for a live account now their getting fifty times two hundred for new xbox's. but their are ways around it luckily microsoft has the worst system replacements setup in the world so i was able to just tell them it was overheating and they sent me a new one after they lost it for two months in their warehouse of cuarse
  6. I do feel sorry for anybody out there that been banned because they have fixed their own box, i have posted numerous posts on this forum now and as i said in a previous post the only reason i got into fiddling about with the xbox was because they wanted to charge me £95 for fixing and shipping, my only suggestion for anybody who has been banned in the UK and not for flashing but fixing or feels that they have been banned wrongfully is to go to you're local trading standards agency, i had a problem with them once and although M$ would not talk to me by law they HAD to talk to the trading standards, i know how annoying it is when a huge company like M$ wont talk to you just because they dont want to.

    Anybody out there that got banned for modding and playing pirate games take it on the chin, you knew what you were doing.

    Anybody out there thinking of buying a second hand xbox please be very careful , if buying from some ones house ask to see it working and connected to the internet, and be very careful buying online unless you are buying new.
  7. JudaZ

    JudaZ TS Enthusiast Posts: 284

    ...oh cry me a river ....you bought a modded xbox.
    It wasnt as far as you know.....so really .. it was modded.

    Why should Microsoft give you a new machine. You didnt even buy the machine from them , but second hand....

    will you give me a new car, i just lost the one i bought ...didnt know it was stolen ... yo ferrari .. give me a new car ... come on.

    This isnt the show american inventor, you dont get a free ride for having a sob story. .. this is real life. And i real life, Microsoft decided not to let moded xbox:es on their live system.
    ..simpel... buy a new one. .. if you cant afford it, to bad...
    continue to play with your old one, just dont use xbox live ..its that simpel..
  8. well i was one of the people who got ****ed and i didn't even do anything wrong. i bought a 360 from Meijer a day or 2 ago and i came home hooked everything up abnd then turned on the 360 and when i tried to log onto my account it said this console has been banned. so i took it back to meijer to see if i could return the banned xbox but they told me since its defective and was opened that they can't accept it eventhough in the return policy it states that any defective electronics may be returned/exchanged. So the customer service people kept telling mke the same thing and then i talked to the store manager and he told me to go call xbox up and see what they said. so i called them and xbox told me they aren't responsible for the purchase of a faulty xbox eventhough they sold me a **** xbox i didn't do anything. So i went back to the store adn i told them that they are responsible for it but they still refused. i argued with them for a solid 45 minutes in the store until i was escorted out of the building by the manager. so now i have a **** modded xbox 360 and im also out 300 dollars. Thanks Microsoft and Thanks Meijer you ****ing *******s
  9. at yukk

    playing a pirated game online gives you no advantage over other players
  10. I also built a computer and hid it my tv, my tv is a fantastic hiding place and all the unsuspecting burglars that i meet i hide them in my tv as well......... shame its a 42" flat screen, they just dont build tv to hide burglars in anymore lol.

    To the people that say they are getting banned from fixing xboxs with the penny trick or xclamping are you sure thats all you have done, where i live in the UK i fix red ringed boxs and i spent the weekend calling up people whose boxes i have fixed and not one of them are flashed and not one of them are banned.
  11. my folks got me MW2 and a Xbox 360 for my birthday the day of release. I opened it up today and i was banned upon start up. Its brand new and everything. We went to take it back to bestbuy and the person at customer service tried to say i was returning already used xbox and not the original one from the box which is bull. I never owned an xbox prior to my birthday, it is potential that it may have been returned by someone or a faulty one was sent?
  12. People forget there are two types of bannings, one being permanent for modding and the other temporary ban for swearing or saying racist remarks. People are getting confussed and yes, you could be banned or your account wiped for just being on live without a modded xbox.

    M$ can ban any persons 360 without explanation even to the point to ease their server load and deliberately cripple the consoles 3 year warranty to save them money. Once these crazy ideas get into the heads of kids and parents they will stay away and go with the Ps3 or the wii as there are too many problems with the 360. M$ have created a environment of mistrust & confusion which will impact the future sales of the 360.
  13. Go ahead and ban me MS. I'll just do a gut swap and return my console at the store.. Guess what.. you're out $200 everytime i do it. I'll keep moding and getting banned and taking 10 minutes out of my day to f*ck you over $200 everytime anyday.

    Also, don't give up hope, ye smart people who enjoy saving money and not running to mommy for the next game that comes out cuz they are spoiled brats.. and some are 35+ years old (seen it first hand, you know who you are with your stupid rock t-shirts that you don't listen too, jean shorts, balding and have a stupid pony tail and terrible facial hair) We always have some brilliant dork that cracks the next patch MS puts out.

    Two more points to make.. Games these days are NOT worth $60.. and MS has the worst customer service EVER. "Hello my name is Russell how may I help you?" Seriously??? Your a derka derka and trying to fool me that your name is "Russell" and not Jachmedmuubakkalakka??? Its bad enough they are all mindless drones repeating lines off a computer screen and telling us there is nothing they can do when we all know damn well.. there is something they can do.. they're just drones..

    All done.
  14. siiix

    siiix TS Rookie Posts: 29

    why is this even a problem ?! you have to pay for xbox life, if you dont want to then hey who cares if the console is banned or not, lest xbox i purchased i have not even connected to life it went strait in to moding, my roomate just did the same thing... xbox life is junk anyhow... i think its great that some less intelligent people sell they xbox just because its banned, i'm sure many people like me are very happy to get a great deal on an already moded xbox :)
  15. swing82

    swing82 TS Member

    This is simply another opportunity Microsoft has "gone wild". They said they did not care how many copies of MS Vista was pirated in China, yet took extraordinary efforts with customers in the U.S. to maximize profits.

    I am not sure how many people believe Punkbuster is the best idea for security, didn't the game COD: MW use Punkbuster and that was dumped for Steam in COD: MW2, which hundreds of thousands of PC users either refused to purchase or was sorry they did, as it negatively impacted online game play.
  16. How about we use 360s for offline play and ps3 for online... it makes sence think about it. Ry Banger
  17. It would be better that M$ didn't let you play pirated games on Live, instead on bannig your console, because you already pay for your console and you can do whateaver you want, and you are paying for a live account, and many player have originals game too let them play originals and pirated games not.

    But is much easier to banned your console and make you buy a new one, fu@#@k M$ greedy motherfu%^&.ers

    Is the same with Windows they sale to you win vista( bunch of crap), and later they come up with win 7 and they say is much better, of course is much better my own **** is way better then vista.
  18. Judaz u are a prick
  19. I know alot of People that replaced there broken drivers without modding it themselfs and got suspended from XboxLive how gay is that, they where forced to replace it since there warranty expired and Mircosoft asks 80$ for the Disc-Drive to be replaced/Fixed which is bullshit because you can buy a brandnew one for 15-30$ MAX!

    So my Opinion is i hope someone sue's them, because Mircosoft is outrages with the Money they ask for every little thing and i'm starting to understand why People mod there Xbox360's now.

    1.) They want Mircosoft Point's for every little thing. examples: Pictures, Themes, Video's, Game DLC which some of them are alright to buy but alot of them should of been in the Game the first place.

    2.) They make a fortune with XboxLive gold which isn't that great because i still get lag because some DialUp Connection A-Hole get's the Host connection while i have a 50,000Kbit's Downloadspeed and 10,000Uploadspeed Connection.

    3.) Games cost a fortune and twice as much in the UK and Europe.

    If my Warranty expires bet your *** i'll mod mine.
  20. Appzalien

    Appzalien TS Rookie Posts: 94

    Depending on how low the price is I wouldn't mind a banned player myself. I have a ton of PC games I could play online but I never do. I have never and probably will never be an online player so as long as I can still buy or download games and use them, a banned player would not hurt me. This can only hurt MS in the long run though, banned players will not buy a new device and would probably switch to PS3 instead to screw MS as they screwed them. They'll sell off their stuff and switch.
  21. Yup, my 360 is banned from LIVE which initially did not bother me as much since I do NOT do any online gaming. I do however like to download demos, trailers and PURCHASE ARCADE GAMES.

    Being banned from playing online is one thing and I completely understand BUT, to ban someone willing to pay money for games only available for download makes me just scratch my head and shrug my shoulders.
  22. Well I think that all the winny little hackers and tity baby moders got what they got!! BANNED!!!
    Playing or even buying pireted v-games is agenst the law. HELLO! i iam a dedicated Xbox 360 gamer and I always will be. All the gamers who got banned wine about MS shutting them down and how it was wrong well so f*en what. QUIT CRYING if you didn't mod or hack your system than you'd still be gameing. Its about time MS did what they did!! Long live XBOX 360.
  23. I think it is completely fair, people that asked to get their console modded, are obviously not just getting it modded to say they have it modded. Most everyone that has their console modded pirates games, that was the point. I don't see anything wrong with it.
  24. I think the are doing the right thing, u are breaking the law and they have a right to do that, if i were them ill banned your console first and the when u connect into another console ill ban your other console and the your account, because that is stealing, im glad they did that, suck on that u banned morons!
  25. I run a repair/selling business. I'm getting quite a few requests from banned players looking to buy a rrod locally refurbished system. Im selling them for $95. They end up getting the best of both worlds.
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