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Xbox 360 wireless conection question

By Kalron
Aug 19, 2009
  1. Hi all,
    I'm attempting to connect my xbox 360 via wireless online. Having searched the forums for help with this, and finding none (that i'm able to understand...) I'll have to post my own question here, and appologise in advance if it's already been asked and dealt with 100x before now...


    I conenct to Broadband via a US Robotic's device (router?)
    and then that feeds a Belkin G Wireless.

    When setting up the 360 for connection, it detects the USB wireless and the correct network, but fails on the IP Address... saying "your console was unable to negoiate a lease with your DHPC server"

    I've been online and visited the US robotics place online --> (with the http infront of it) and under the network setting the below is showen (I've copy pasted)

    Configure the DSL Gateway IP Address and Subnet Mask for LAN interface.

    IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:

    Enable DHCP Server on the LAN **<--- this is a Box which is ticked.**

    Start IP Address:
    End IP Address:
    Leased Time (hour):

    Configure the second IP Address and Subnet Mask for LAN interface.

    So I gather my router/gateway? is geared for DHCP auto IP address giving out.. or whatever it is that it does...

    So I am wondering now is it perhaps something to do with the Belkin G router?

    *note* the wireless connection is used by many people (it's a communal one for an apartment block) so i guess afew different IP address's have been issued or something??

    Anyways... any help is appreciated, and simple, step by step help is GREATLY appreciated... =)
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