Xbox One will force gamers to stay online after all

By David Tom ยท 101 replies
Jun 7, 2013
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  1. Capaill

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    Weaknesses with the always online model:
    - Not all homes have an internet connection (many people use a USB broadband stick for their PC or don't have a PC and use a 3G connection on their tablets).
    - Not all homes have a wireless router or a cable that can stretch to where the console is.
    - Having a solid internet connection is only half the battle -- the other guy's servers have to be up too and not overloaded. Anyone who played the early days of Diablo3 knows what I mean :)
    - A DDOS attack can prevent everyone from playing as Sony discovered.
  2. But what about the busy people who don't play so much? For instance, I play my Xbox maybe once a fortnight max - does that mean I can never play? I'm not arguing I'm actually wondering.

    And what happens when you don't go online? Is it permanent?

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