Xeon chip in Dell 450 problem

By dell450and470
Nov 15, 2010
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  1. Hello,

    I am a total newbie as far as manipulating hardware. i mean I have changed and added hard rives before but not what ensues:

    I was recently given two Dells - a Precision 450 and 470. Both can accept two Xeon chips. One has the two and works great(the 470)

    the other only has one chip a 2,0 Ghz.


    I removed the chip and put it back and the PC won't start. when I plus in the power cord in the back, I get:

    -a light on the mobo
    -no whiring fan sound (that i used to get, and i get on the 470 without even powering on)

    when the chip came out(stuck to the Heatsink with the paste), i thought maybe i slightly bent a pin, so with a metal cutter blade i gently bent it back to what appears aligned while looking from both axes. i am sure that ti aligned the chip correctly, but it is true that the pins aren't near the edge of this chip, and other hardware housing the heatsink prevents a good viewing angle to 'watch' the pins go in. I did it by feeling. I was careful to not touch any part of the chip except the edge. i put it all back- but did not chcnag ethe paste- and the thing doesn't wotk. I also had removed the two fans by unplugging their plugs on the mobo, bu these went back in fine..

    I would love to get another chip for this PC and use it as part of a three d render farm. times are tough, and i cannot afford a 4000USD PC, so i am trying to get these 5 year old machines to work!!

    so far i have just managed to break one! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!


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