Xfer harddrive from blind computer to good computer

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ive got a computer that will turn on and has all my computer stuff (music, movies blah blah blah,) from before i deployed to iraq, during its time in storage the computers video card took a **** and wont display on any tvs or monitors i have, but will still turn on and sounds like its running fine, my brother gave me his new computer when i got back and i was wondering how to hook up those hard drives from the other computer to my new computer so i can get all my IRON MAIDEN SONGS, and movies and other stuff, looking for the simpliest way to go about this thanks!


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yes you can do that, just hook the hard drive up will the right cables and your free to copy all your info over to the new computer
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which cables would those be? im a noob for sure. so i probably need a little bit of an explaination too please!


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in consumer computers there are two types of hard drives PATA and SATA
. what every hard driver you have you can take the cable form the computer that doesn't work


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then i can just access it from "my computer"?

also... just fyi... you might also consider using a SATA/PATA/IDE to USB 2.0 adapter cable.(example, see here)

Either set of cables would work and each have their advantages. The adapter USB cable
> Would cost a few bucks (around $20-$30 USD, i think)
> Should handle any of the IDE/SATA/PATA drives
> Would allow you to simply connect/disconnect the drive to the good computer's USB port. (No need to open the good computer to connect or disconnect any cables)

Either is good. just up to you


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use the hard drive as an external drive.

Your issue is probably a loose video cable. All that jostling in a cargo container will do it. I would have the video cable reseated. Could also be a loose motherboard. If the laptop isn't too old, it might be worth repairing. I brought my 5 year old toshiba laptop to Iraq twice. It's still chumming except the battery is going bad now. But for 5 years, who's complaining?
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