Xfx 4890 input signal out of range

By chase24
Dec 25, 2009
  1. Hi and merry christmas to all,

    My xfx 4890 was a replacement for my 9800gt and they're both hdmi ready. I used to watch blu-ray with my old 9800gt in 1080p resolution and no problems. With my new 4890, I tried the 1080p but the monitor says "input signal out of range" with black borders around the monitor. So im stuck in 1680x1050.

    I have a hp w2207h widescreen lcd monitor that supports vga and hdmi.

    The connector im using in my 4890 is a converter dvi to hdmi it's from my 9800gt. the xfx didn't provide a hdmi connector.

    I've also updated the ati ccc driver for my card.
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