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Xiaomi goes on a patent spree with a four-sided edge display and two camera punch-outs

By mongeese · 6 replies
Feb 9, 2019
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  1. The first patent, as seen in an artist’s render above, uses a punch-out on either side of the phone to make it look more symmetrical or to add cameras. The leftmost one is admittedly quite ugly, with two ‘side-notches’ that sit beneath the notification bar and dig into the main display. It does allow for four selfie cameras, however.

    The middle design basically mirrors the S10+ display with four cameras across two punch-outs in the notification bar. Size-wise, it’s equivalent to a fairly large notch but it doesn’t look too bad. The last design is clearly the better of the three, and it basically spaces out the two selfie cameras to make them more symmetrical and to conceal them.

    In addition to the three above, the same patent also outlines a punch-out for the earpiece that would embed the tiny speaker in the center of the notification bar. While this looks fine, it’s rendered obsolete by advancements that have squeezed the earpiece into just a couple millimeters within the top bezel.

    A second patent, discovered by LetsGoDigital, shows a phone with a screen that curves over the top and sides of the display and doesn’t have any notch or punch-out at all. While this is undoubtedly the endgame of the bezel-less trend, it does pose some challenges.

    Judging by the image, the display seems to curve around a lot more than any other phone, and that’s left no room for buttons. There’s an easy solution to this, however: because the display is touchscreen, it could simply register taps where the button should to be and respond with haptic feedback.

    Once again, because the non-screen area is so thin, there’s no room for either a headphone jack nor earpiece, and the speakers will inevitably be woeful. It will be interesting to see how Xiaomi tackles those challenges if this device ever comes to market.

    While there’s no camera on the device, that doesn’t pose much of a problem for Xiaomi, who was the first to market with a notch-less, hole-less, bezel-less display in the Mi Mix 3 - the first of a new generation of sliding smartphones.

    Given how fast the smartphone market is moving, it’s possible the second patent could arrive as early as the beginning of 2020 with the Mi Mix 4. The first patent, on the other hand, requires no real advancement over current technologies and could appear in a matter of months.

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  2. QuantumPhysics

    QuantumPhysics TS Evangelist Posts: 1,242   +901

    It's absolutely disgusting how much of Apple's "style" they are willing to steal.

    I will never, ever, ever even think of buying one of these pathetic knockoffs.
    onestepforward likes this.
  3. Humza

    Humza TechSpot Staff Posts: 288   +138

    Lol, how long until the 'punch-outs' are big enough to form a notch again and eventually a bezel.
  4. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 3,442   +1,910

    Who cares? The smartphone market hasn't had anything new to offer in a very long time, especially from Apple. Xiaomi has some of the best low-mid range phones you can buy right now. Their Redmi Note series has no competition at its price range.
    Dosahka likes this.
  5. Dosahka

    Dosahka TS Addict Posts: 150   +59

    Totally agree!
    Although Apple iPhone user's time to buy a new one changed from 2-3 years to 3-4 years (more like 4 than 3).
    If Apple doesn't cut the iPhone refresh to 1,5-2 years, they will go down easily, also cutting their prices.
    Also this is the reason (bad sales on new iPhone XS series) they are selling refurb phones and aggressively offering phone swap instead of repair and you can trade-in your old one for more if you buying the new phones.
  6. erickmendes

    erickmendes TS Evangelist Posts: 572   +247

    My plain old Samsung Galaxy S7 still doing all I need it to do without a hipcup, so unless some disaster happen to it, I'm not willing to spent another bunch of hundreds of dollars on a new device too soon. Maybe when it's totally drainned out, falling rotten and 5G is mature, maybe then I get a mid range 5G phone with nice camera. I don't even give a damn about the bezel drama.
  7. alansmith

    alansmith TS Enthusiast Posts: 36

    I don't agree with the ugly comment on that first display, it's just different.
    How can they patent things like that- it must clog up the system when little details like speaker position can be patented.

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