XP - A Problem has been deteced and windows.... - Stop 0x0000007E - Blue Screen!

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Feb 20, 2005
  1. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    what have you tried in terms of troubleshooting?

    try windows repair?
    try go back to barebones setup running minimum setup [mobo, cpu, power, audio/visual, 1 hdd, 1 ram] and see if it does any better
  2. crackD182

    crackD182 TS Rookie

    how do i do the barebone setup? and how do i run windows repair?
  3. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    Windows Repair:
    Boot up with your Windows XP cd, and let it load like you do if you wanted to install windows. On the first page it comes to after checking hardware, there will be some options. select R for Repair.

    Take a look here for more info. http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm

    To go to barebones setup you need to unplug your PC from the power and open it up.
    Unplug every other card/device that you don't need, so in the end you have the 1 HDD, a stick of ram, connection for your video and audio, and your motherboard and every one of them has power too.

    May i ask for your specs as well?
  4. crackD182

    crackD182 TS Rookie

    well i cant do the windows repair because i get the blue screen before i get that far. i have a pentium D 3.2ghz, mobo is an intel D975XBXLKR, 2 gigs ddr2, 160 gb sata, ati radeon 512mb x1600 pro, and a dvd rw of some kind.
  5. wingerr

    wingerr TS Rookie

    Problem Detected, Windows shut down BSOD STOP: 0x0000007E

    First post; found this forum in search of an answer to the BSOD problem I'm having.


    Just got a new Intel motherboard and processor, D945GPM motherboard and Pentium D D840 3.2GHz, with SATA hard drive, and when trying to install XP Pro, get this BSOD every time it gets to the point where it says, Starting Windows.

    Tried updating the BIOS, which was successful, to the latest 8/17/06 version, but no change.
    Tried disconnecting the SATA drive and installing an IDE, but no luck with that either.

    When I tried an installation of Vista Ultimate, it went through with no problems, which makes me hopeful it's not defective hardware. I'm not ready to go with Vista, so I want to get it working with XP.

    A possibly unrelated symptom is that the CPU processor temperature as reported by the BIOS hardware monitoring screen shows about 80 deg C, with a Masscool fan and thermal compound applied. When I run a utility called CPUID, it shows temps in the range of 52 degrees C. Contacted Intel and they suggested resetting the CMOS and recovering the BIOS, which didn't change anything. They said there have been a few reports of the BIOS monitor reporting high temperatures, but haven't been able to duplicate it themselves.

    The Intel Express Installer CD didn't seem to have SATA drivers on it, though a RAID driver was included, which I tried using the F6 option during install, without any sucess.

    Longwinded first post, but hopefully someone's come across this before and could suggest some pointers- :)

  6. wingerr

    wingerr TS Rookie

    Kinda interesting; wonder if it's some kind of incompatibility of Pentium D's with XP. Sounds almost the same as my setup, except I have a D945GPM and only 1G DDR2, and using integrated video.
  7. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    CrackD182: As i've said, try installing it barebones, so take out that extra stick of ram, and use onboard video if you can. Don't forget you need to insert the third party drivers for your SATA HDD by pressing F6 while its booting the winXP cd.

    Its says its faulting at PCI.SYS, which is part of some chipset drivers or something.. check out maybe http://support.microsoft.com/?id=319136 ? Also, Re: temp problem, you may have a faulty sensor.. its known to happen, but won't effect anything except the safety shutdown trigger, if enabled.

    Both of you's: If you can get into Windows at all, navigate to the C:\Windows\Minidump folder and post up 5-6 of the most recent ones on your next post.
    Winger create a new thread and post them up there, so i dont get confused :)

    I can tell you now, unless you got a dodgy Pentium D chip then it won't realy matter at all, since drivers for winxp only run the motherboard, which is usualy the fault before looking at the CPU, since it has everything else attatched to it in one shape way or form...
  8. nikkie

    nikkie TS Rookie

    Hardware Problem

    Mate , I had the same problem ... Hardware problem..Blue screen = Hardware problem.. I had a problem with one of my hard disks. Check yours and think what else can be guilty for that situation.
  9. pacodub

    pacodub TS Rookie

    I kept getting this blue screen and would not load up with my SATA drive. I installed the RAID drivers and it loaded up.

    This is my specs:

    Intel D945GPMLKR
    Pentium D 840 3.2gGHz DT 800FSB
    OCZ 1024MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz
    GeForce 7300 GS PCI 256DDR2
    Windows XP Media Center
    Onboard sound
    500 PSU

    I haven't tried installing the latest bios that were released 9.11.06, but I will try that tonight. My question is that for some reason when I try to run games like Battlefield 2, City of Heroes it seems a bit sluggish. BF2 I was running at 800x600 and it was sluggish.

    My older machine spec:
    Abit IC7-g mobo
    P4 HT 2.6
    1024MB pc3200 DDR1
    GeForce 6800GT AGP

    Ran BF2 1024x768 high on all setting ran like a champ. Just wondering if you guys had these simliar issue and got them resolved.
  10. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    This issue has been discussed plenty of times.. to sumerise what most people find their troubles point at:
    -weak psu not giving enough power for the system to run efficeintly enough
    -drivers not updated
    -directx not updated
    -game patches?
    -too many other programs hogging the system resources..
    -temperatures (sometimes)
    -havn't performed a system maintanance for a while (dusting insides, chkdisk /f, defrag etc)

    So have a look through those and see how you go. Question: does it lag in anywhere else like other applications/games or windows itself etc?
  11. pacodub

    pacodub TS Rookie

    after bios

    After the installation of the latest bios I saw a somewhat improvement, checked all mobo drives and others were up-to-date.

    I think I may want to try an OS swap and see how it runs on XP Pro... although I don't think this might be a problem its worth checking out.
  12. cdharding

    cdharding TS Rookie

    Yes. Try using the correct slash character - windows uses the forward slash to indicate a command option so what you should have entered on the recovery console is "chkdsk /f" not "\f" and/or "/p" not "\p"
  13. Kingkong

    Kingkong TS Rookie

    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum and would like to be an active participient

    I am facing a similar problem with error messages
    i get an error like

    "STOP 0X0000007E<followed by some more similar number>" on a blue coloured screen

    This has been the problem for last 4 months.
    I have reinstalleed the OS several times, but the problem remains

    My pc specs are

    80 GB HDD + 10 GB
    256 MB RAM
    P4 2.80 GHz HT

    Can some one help me out..
    its urgent
    Thanks in advance
  14. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

  15. alisvolat

    alisvolat TS Rookie

    I got a similar 0x7e error on a PC that came into my shop today. I got past it by entering recovery console and renaming the intelppm.sys driver. That allowed me to complete a repair and fix the issue. Hope this helps.
  16. fillerupmac

    fillerupmac TS Rookie

    alisvolat - Thank you thank you thank you!!

    We have run into this problem several times when upgrading MOBO in systems, in particular when going to an Nvidia chipset. It has been most frustrating, and up until now, we wound up redoing XP from scratch, because we had no solution. I knew there had to be a "simple fix", and someday we would find it.

    Would like to know where you found this answer...

    Renaming that file allowed the repair to continue, just like you said. Now I got to go and clean up the mess from trying to remove drivers.....

    Did I say thank you? Your fix prompted me to join TS immediately.

    Al S. in Colo Springs
  17. bob78

    bob78 TS Rookie

    I have sort of the same problem, but when i put it my xp pro disk (dell reinstall) and then press r, it says at the bottom grey bar:scanning 19087 MB disk at location 0 on bus 0... it does that for about 21 hours, and its still going. What should i do?
  18. alisvolat

    alisvolat TS Rookie

    is it an OEM windows disk, or a recovery disk? You can also rename the intelppm.sys file from dos, or safe mode with cmd prompt if you can get that far. If your machine is automaticly restarting, press f8 when its booting and disable automatic restart should be an option, then try booting it into safe mode. see if any of that helps
  19. bob78

    bob78 TS Rookie

    Its a Dell SP1 Pro Reinstall disk. I cant get past the boot screen. It looks like everythings fine, then blue screen of death!! How do you get into dos with xp? I am in the process of creating a disk with the ultimate boot cd for windows. Would this avoid the bsod? then i could do some work on fixing my computer.
  20. satlover

    satlover TS Rookie

    Can you give me the steps you ve done at a repair option?
    C:\windows? that where i am having the trouble.
    mine it shows the logo of emachine then the logo of xp pro. keeps going back to emachine then xp pro, then goes black. if i try to format from a xp cd at the last step of finalizing installation it goes black.
    help please.
  21. MaryAnnM

    MaryAnnM TS Rookie

    I'm sort of relieved to know I'm not alone with this BSOD. Mine started yesterday after I connected my iPod to update. I hit F8 during restart but starting in SafeMode didn't work. However, when I selected the option to Restart Using the Last Settings that Worked, I was able to get back to Windows. Somewhere along the way my Norton Internet Security became corrupt (auto AntiVirus wouldn't load), so I had to uninstall all my Norton products and then reinstall and run live updates.
    I tried Windows System Restore, but each one failed (conflict with Norton for setpoints?). I periodically got the BSOD when trying to shut down as well as at startup and once when trying to remove iTunes using Windows Add/Remove programs.
    What seems to be working right now (knock wood) is that I went to RUN and entered msconfig. First I restarted using the Diagnostic Startup. Good startup; no blue screen. Then I just sat here, shutting down and starting up, each time adding another component. First I added the System.ini, then Win.ini, and next Load System Services. All went well -- no blue screen at startup or shutdown.
    Then after disabling all the items in Startup, I began checking them off, one at a time, manually shutting down and restarting after each one. When I got to LifeDrive Manager (for my Palm Pilot), I got the BSOD. I unchecked it and restarted -- all is OK. I've already removed iTunes and reinstalled. Tomorrow I'll uninstall LifeDrive Manager and reinstall. Will also run a complete backup, just in case. Gradually I'll start plugging in peripherals and adding more startup items.
    Not sure this is a permanent solution, but at least I'm back in business for the moment. Sure sounds as if a driver became corrupt.
    (Dell Dimension 4700, Pentium4, 3.0Ghz, 2.5 GB RAM, 80 GB harddrive; 18.1 GB free)
    I'll be back if it turns out my success today was just a fluke.
    Mary Ann
  22. PCTester

    PCTester TS Rookie

    Whenever you get a crash, are you actively sending the crash information to Microsoft when you are presented with a message, "The system has recovered from a serious error"? If so, what response are you getting?
  23. MaryAnnM

    MaryAnnM TS Rookie

    >>Whenever you get a crash, are you actively sending the crash information to Microsoft when you are presented with a message, "The system has recovered from a serious error"? If so, what response are you getting?<<

    I clicked on "send error report." Then I got a Microsoft page that told me that there wasn't enough information to figure out my problem. It told me to go into Control Panel | System | Advanced | Startup & Recovery and click on "settings" and then at the bottom set it to "kernel memory dump". Presumably if I get the BSOD again, it will collect the information needed for Microsoft to help with the problem. Touch wood, it's been two days now and I haven't had another episode (after at least 6-8 BSODs over the course of two days). After I posted my message, I also went in and removed the AOL Spyware program because it occurred to me that I kept getting a message that it was blocking some low level problem. Since I have Norton Internet Security it seemed likely that it might be a problem. I'm still selectively loading items at startup, but at least for me things seem to be working well.
  24. PCTester

    PCTester TS Rookie

    Did you also just recently install AOL version 9.0VR (for Vista Ready, but runs on XP too)?
  25. MaryAnnM

    MaryAnnM TS Rookie

    >>Did you also just recently install AOL version 9.0VR (for Vista Ready, but runs on XP too)?

    No, I'm running AOL 9.0SE and WinXP Pro. I haven't knowingly made any upgrades to AOL. I'm keeping the free AOL for my email addresses; otherwise I'm using a wireless modem (ethernet connection) for Internet access. I'm not sure whether they recently did any upgrades on the program or not.
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