XP Booting Issues

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Aug 26, 2008
  1. Recently my Computer started to have Issues, Where is was Slow to Load.

    Computer Specs

    1 Gig Memory
    2.0 CPU
    Intel Chip
    gigabyte Board

    Now it take Ten minutes sometimes more to load from Turning on then to get into windows, then a further ten minutes to Load my email. Now I had this issue before and I reformatted my drive and put this drive as a secondry. But have now had to make that drive a primary again.

    It takes forever to do things, Transfer Files from One File to another, Upload and Download even open programs. Now I don't think that it's a hard drive Issues because I've tried the drive in another computer and no Issues.

    So Last night I cleaned the drive off in another computer, Then put it back and went to reinstall Windows the only Issue I have now is that when the computer starts up I've set it to detect the Cdrom as Boot now it sees that Cdrom and all but wont boot.

    It's not the disk I've tried it in another computer, So please help what do I do? I can't figure out what it is.

    Thanks Kim
  2. kimsland

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  3. Kimmers

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    Yeah but the drive work perfectly in another computer I've tried it but will try that.
  4. rf6647

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    Your description of the cdrom contribution to the problem opens me to consider additional sources for the problem.

    The HDD may need another device on that IDE. (or whatever is the opposite of the present configuration).

    Move the HDD to the other IDE.

    Put HDD and cdrom on the same IDE. (observe pri/slave jumper settings)

    Ribbon cable is defective.
  5. Kimmers

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    Its not an IDe hard drive both the Hard drive and the Cdrom are Sata I've since gone out and got another hard drive and its doing the same thing.
  6. kimsland

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    Disconnect the CD (Sata) from the Motherboard
    And re-test
  7. Worthy

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    safemode. see what happeneds
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