XP can see only blue background and mouse cursor

By epymol
Oct 22, 2009
  1. We have some XP machines that can not boot up normally. When boot up, we cannot see windows log in screen, just only blue background and white mouse cursor, we can move mouse cursor only. I have already tried to boot windows in safemode and restore last known condition with no luck. Even when I try to repair windows by XP OS install CD, the setup process is still stuck at same status on first reboot, only background and mouse cursor.
    I don't know it may cause by a virus or not.
    Could anyone help me on this issue, it happens on some computers, not only one.
  2. xsupport

    xsupport TS Rookie

    Same problem

    We are experiencing the same problem, since yesterday (2009-10-21).
    Using XP too, either with SP2 or SP3, AVG or McAfee entreprise anviruses.
    The computer started to crash in Windows, then they rebooted, were able to logon again, but it was really slow and needed to reboot again. At this second reboot, same problem as you have, no desktop, no icons, just the cursor...
    We tried to replace explorer.exe, repair MBR, scan for viruses, nothing...
    I hope we can find a solution together...
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