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By Edrosty
Nov 27, 2009
  1. who likes a short story?

    ok here's the story, a few weeks ago i was playing fable when i also decided to run firefox with 10+ tabs on and windows media player. when i went to go back to playing fable (everything was still running) my comp froze so i held the button down to hard restart it and did so. my comp started up fine but i did get the option to start windows normally, or last good configuration, and safe mode and with command prompt and networking ect. thinking nothing was wrong i did start windows normally and it showed the typical windows XP loading screen for about, oh lets say, 1.5 seconds before *gasp* THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH APPEARED. after the blue screen it rebooted automaticly so i thought wtf and went to press the last good config. option. it was going good for a second same as last time but then THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH APPEARED AGAIN!! *Gasp!!!*
    i was pissed and worried so i went to try all the safe modes but they all froze. i was crying and hoping that it wasnt the hard drive busted. anyway...

    here's the 3 problems i am thinking of
    #1. Processor-i seriously doubt that its the processor being overheated and going kablooie (i got 5 fans in my comp!) but its always a possibility
    #2. RAM-I have a very puny 1 gb of RAM in my comp so i thought that it could be the RAM considering i was running so much **** so i was thinking ok, i might have overloaded it (this still makes the most sense to me) this is a more possible one than the processor will ever be and if it is then YAY! an easy 5$ fix
    and last but not least #3. The hard drive-it might be the hard drive, i'm praying to god its not (i got downloaded stuff and backuped discs cause the discs broke or something, with months and months and months of work, i love to write stories so i got those on it too, alot of work.) it might be but i doubt that for a couple reasons, 1. i havent messed with any settings lately or anything to my comp 2. its not from spyware or anything cause i got avast pro and a couple others like norton and avg that i use time to time on a flash drive. 3. the hard drive wasnt full

    any advice or comments would be helpful. give your opinions of what the problem might be and pray with me that its not the hard drive. i'm gonna cry for a week or so if it is. thanks in advance, i look forward to seeing the responses.

    ps. the way i'm doing this right now is by being on the Wii and using my wireless internet XD

    oh btw system specs are (my comp sux, heads up)
    Intel Celeron Processor 1.8GB
    1GB of RAM Nvidia Geforce (i forgot the numbers) motherboard
    on-board graphics and audio and everything (except for my non wireless internet card)
    2 cd roms, 1 being a dvd-rw
    5 fans (omg!!!)
    any other questions about system specs i'll tell you, just ask
  2. Edrosty

    Edrosty TS Rookie Topic Starter

    more info, i inserted the xp disc and pressed f8 and went to repair windows and it said no hard drive found. I'M GONNA CRY ;_; somebody hold me );
  3. mescallw

    mescallw TS Rookie

    How old is your computer/Hard Drive? Has the HD been making a lot of noise? If so, the motor may have died. I'm sure someone here will correct me if I'm wrong, but I am under the impression that most HDs don't last more than about 5 years.
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