XP install stops on 'Press any key to boot from CD.....' / Ubuntu installs fine.

By rhazor
Oct 11, 2007
  1. Hello. I've been using Windows XP already for few years and few days ago decided to try Linux Ubuntu. I downloaded ubuntu-desktop x64 ant installed it. Had to delete the XP partition (I have 1 HDD with 2 partitions. One is 10GB for OS install and other system files and other ~150GB is for music, videos, games and etc.) and create swap partition 1GB and ex3 (or something like that) partition for Ubuntu. I formated it before the install. So, there were already 3 partitions: 1 NTFS 1 ex3 and 1 swap. Used Ubuntu for few days and decided to go back to WinXP. But... Can't install it. Just inserted an install CD, I get message in black 'Press any key to boot from CD.....' I press Enter and install begins. It loads all stuff, agree the license and then choose/create partitions. So, I delete those two swap and ex3 and make one NTFS partition. So now I got 2 NTFS partitions , the one (raw) is same 10GB for install and other one old partition with music and etc. Also after creating the NTFS there appears 8MB unpartitioned space. So there's already two 8MB unpartitioned spaces. I don't know why, so lets continue. That 10GB partition gets full format and then the installation copies some files and restarts (counts from 15 till restart). Then again I get that message 'Press any key to boot from CD.....' I wait and nothing happens. It just stops loading and nothing! Keyboard works, all I can is just press ctrl+alt+delete and it restarts.

    I tried different WinXP installations, Windows XP x64 and x86 and nothing. Same problem. After that I tried to install Ubuntu and it works. I deleted it again, formated that partition and sitting now on Ubuntu Live CD.

    Please anyone help, why install stops on 'Press any key to boot from CD.....'. It would be great to get answer today asap. I'll go to Google now for more.... But can't find anything. I found only this forum, seems I can get help here.

    Thank you.
  2. boykov

    boykov TS Booster Posts: 74

    it has to do with Windows ... always tries to install itself on the begining sectors of the HDD, since you've uninstalled Ubuntu and with it Grub or Lilo(boot managers).. my suggestion would be:
    try to use the existing(original) NTFS partition(if there is no data you want to keep)
    try this Partition Manager to edit your partitons http://www.cutepm.com/
    use a live cd (ie. Ubuntu, dont have to install it) to backup your information on a separate HDD or recordable media (DVD/CD)... the format the whole HDD..

    another thing.. about the 8MB unpartitioned space... Setup leaves approximately 8 MB of unpartitioned space so you can convert the drives to a dynamic volume..

    hope this helps
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