XP integrated w/ SP3 CD won't repair

By SuperSmith
Nov 22, 2008
  1. Hi everyone. I'm in a serious pickle. I have Windows XP with SP3 that I installed off an XP cd with SP3 integrated into it. I used nLite for integration, btw. Now, here is my issue:

    XP will not boot up anymore. When I attempted to do a system repair, all I got was the option of reformatting the partition or reinstalling Windows XP. I have the option of installing XP to run alongside it, however that would not solve the issue of me having a bum installation of XP.

    It's like it wasn't even acknowledging that there was an installation of Windows XP, or else I'm sure it would've given me a repair option.

    My hypothetical diagnosis: Since SP3 & SP2 don't appear to be cumulative, I guess the reason it isn't working is because SP3 does not have System Repair capabilities embedded in it.

    I say this because I used nLite to make an XP CD integrated with SP2 and everything works just fine. I use the RyanVM update packs for XP for the updates and hotfixes.

    Anyone who has experience with integrating/slipstreaming with Windows XP plz help!
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