Friday Night Festivities: Passwords & BSOD


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PC / Windows 7:

Two Parts: Attempting to open Windows without remembering my "new, improved" password has also resulted in my BSOD moment.

- Changed password; added the revision to my file doc (but failed to write it somewhere on my desk . . . duh)
- So, every possible password option I've tried fails, and the solution is inside my PC where I can't access it . . .
- To the www: Searching through any number of "how to bypass password . . ." websites
- Decided to try booting from the installation disk
- Which takes me to "Press Any Key", which takes me to
- "Window's Error Recovery", which presents
- "Launch Startup Repair", which presents
- "Language", which presents
- "Enter password" . . . or
- "To access recovery options, log on as a local user" . . .


That's all not at all helpful -- seeing that the issue is that I have no password that works and that's what I'm attempting to correct. What a ridiculous runaround.

The Other Issue:

Yesterday, the first or second time I attempted to boot from the installation disk, I was blessed with Bill Gates' finest offering -- the Blue Screen of Death 0x0000007B . . . !

And, of course, any and all online supposed solutions to that require a password somewhere along the line . . . go figure.

Any kind assistance for this Friday evening beggar?

Thank you.