XP keeps freezing up

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Dec 27, 2009
  1. To coldfire 1984 and Captian Cranky,
    The PSU i took out was a 600 watt that my x used for gamihng, we are no longer together i use the computer for homework, and the kids use it to d/l music. The PSU i put in was a 300. Its fine nothing wrong with it. The computer itself is almost 5 yrs old. A few things have been replaced. It has 2 - 1 gig sticks in it. i took one out and used it and it did the same thing, so i put it back...kids have limewire on it, but havent really used it much in the couple months. Mainly they use my space and i use it for my homework. if anyone has anymore suggestions, money is tight, i am a single mother of three teenagers, please help me.... Thanks i went to the system thing i was telling you about and there was no red spots to show anything wrong....... im really lost ....

    karen borden
  2. captaincranky

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    Limewire is a huge problem. Not only does the RIAA search it for illegal downloads of copyrighted music, in some cases precipitating lawsuits, but it's also a notorious source of malware infections, which can cripple a PC and steal personal information from you. I suggest removing it, and reining in the children. Yes I know, this won't get you a "world's best mom" award.

    If possible, replace the PSU again. By this I mean borrow a known good one. If not, download this program "SIW" to your desktop, then double click it to run.

    At the download page, make sure you get the "Freestanding English Version".

    In the left pane you will see "hardware" and under that, "sensors", click that, and it will allow you to compare your PSU voltages with the nominal values.
  3. karenborden

    karenborden TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Captain cranky if i am on the right page its simulation works?? it will not let me download anything with out a user name and password.... it says the server siw.com at kubrix requires a username and password... i dont have a clue??? from what i am reading on here im not on the right site??? i know i am being a pest.. i dont have anyone i can "borrow" a psu from.......am i in the right area?
    Karen Borden
  4. captaincranky

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  5. karenborden

    karenborden TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Capt Cranky, i found it. now i have all these numbers infront of me that i dont know what is what.... what do i look for, i know this is sad isnt it?? Im sorry to keep bothering you!!

    Karen Borden
  6. karenborden

    karenborden TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i see where it says value min max they are all real close in numbers..
    temeratures are both real close vary maybe 3 to 4 degrees and the fans
    fanin 0 is in the 1500 rpms for all 3
    and fanin 1 is in the 1200 rpms all real close in value...
    temperatures vary only 1 degree on the maxtor....

    karen borden...... so does this look ok then??
  7. captaincranky

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    It seems that you've located the correct website and program. That the voltage values are close to the "nominal" values (on the left), (they should be no more than a tenth of a volt (or so) off)). Even this does not the guarantee that the PSU is good, (it could be an iintermittent issue), but it's the only diagnoses we have at the moment. So, has anthiny else changed during the past 2 weeks? For example new programs installed or questionable downloads? Does the computer beep at the time of shutdown?
  8. karenborden

    karenborden TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the biggest difference on this program i just downloaded is where it says
    -5 those numbers are on track then jump high and low. No new programs, except i did install a wireless network, netgear, but that was probably 8 weeks or more ago, no problems with the lap top i am using on the network(its what i am on now), like i said the only thing i can tell you that is different is the PSU, that was put in by an acquaintence about 2 weeks ago this freezing stuff started about 4 or 5 days ago. i want to say he put in a 300 watt and it was a 600? he said it was overkill,and it was still working just making alot of noise, so i know the computer didnt overheat. my x used this computer for alot of gaming....all i know is i need it for school. i did uninstall lime wire and the kids AIM. if they wanna chat they can text...lol.... any other suggestions?

    Karen Borden incase it makes a difference i have 2/512 ddr2 sticks in there.. ?
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