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Aug 6, 2009
  1. Hello, new guy here. My HP Pavilion dv9000 notebook has problems. First, when turning on the pc all lights and fan would come on, but nothing at all appears on the screen. After approx. 20-30 seconds these things shut off, then come back on. This cycle repeats a few times, then finally pc shuts off permanently. I called HP and we tried a few fix its, like removing and switching memory cards, w/no success. They then told me I need motherboard replaced. I asked about the Limited warranty Enhancement option for this pc but was told the time limit expired and no longer eligible. This all was about 3 weeks ago.

    Still, I would occasionally try starting the pc in the slim chance that by some miracle, it might start. Two days ago I turned it on (after removing the hard drive from port #1 and putting it in port #2) and I saw the HP Invent logo that appears at start up. I was thrilled. But then immediately the message in upper left corner says "Operating System not found"'. I emailed HP and we decided that I would try to do System Recovery w/3 disks I had made previously. First tested hard drive and all 3 tests passed. Then I tried the system recovery disks, which took a couple of hours. At the end the message was, "Recovery successful, restart pc"'. Did so, but with same result, Operating system not found. HP emailed me back and suggested I buy new recovery disks from them, for $15-20. Is this worth a try, or do you think the motherboard is indeed finished? Should I try recovery after putting HDD back in original port?

    Thanks any and every one!
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    Have you another hard drive any thing will do 10GB up that will go in the laptop do rebuild on that. And or try starting the system on a BART PE disk if you google it you will find a image download which will build you a bootable cd rom which will find out if the laptop will operate. You don't need the hard drive in to do this probably better to try it without it. If the fault is consistant and only occassionally rectifies its self then the the m/board is dying. Download a linux distro and try that?
  3. raybay

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    Yes, whatever else you do, get the recovery disk set. HP runs out of them after a while, and you might need them... even if four or five years from now.
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    Next, call HP support, and escalate your problem. HP has been having a lot of problems with the dv9000. Even if out of warranty, insist that they make it right, while being very nice about it.
    If you are a Windows User, get HP to make it right. You will not have better luck or be more comfortable with Bart or Debian or other Linux install, and you will have real work getting drivers to properly perform because HP does not support Linux readily, or at all.
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    Thanks, now the weirdest thing has happened. I mentioned that I switched the HDD from port #1 to port#2 where I did the sytem recovery w/disks I had made. The recovery was "successful" or so they said, but still the OS would not load. I just took the HDD from port #2 and put it back to port #1 and turned on the pc....and it loaded and started! So apparently the recovery WAS successful. Everything is back to factory settings, so now I'm trying to use the 4 back up disks to get things semi-normal. But when I put in the first disk nothing at all happens...what now??? Am I missing some steps to the back up process?
  6. raybay

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    Perhaps you need an optical drive replacement.
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