XP Pro Install-Copy File Problem and a Hang

By toocan
Apr 24, 2007
  1. I've copied the I386 directory to D: drive and am trying to install XP Pro from a Win 98 floppy using WINNT.EXE to a clean C: partition. During the copy phase, setup could not copy the following files:
    I skip these three files, go to the installation phase and at about 31 minutes to go (during the install network green bar) it hangs, freezing all input. Have to restart with a paper clip in the reset hole. It is an older computer (Asus P3B-F mainboard, 600MHz P3, two SCSI drives on an Adaptec AHA-2940U2W host, 512 MB PC100 RAM).

    bth.inf and plugin.ocx seem to be available as downloads. Mstask.ini is a non XX_ file in I386. My question is can I just copy these files manually into the temp files created on C: drive during setup? And then rerun the installation?

    I suspect these missing files may be causing the hang but am not certain.

    If I can manually copy, in which of the temp directories/subdirectories must I copy them?
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