XP Pro slowed down and mouse jumps around

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Jun 21, 2010
  1. Hi, Does anyone know of any problems with Microsoft updates the last 2-3 weeks? For some reason the PC has slowed greatly. Running ZA for firewall and it usually catches everything...

    Have removed a number of progams, toolbars, etc. but still not much change,

    Still trying to work out how to get HPWuSchd2.exe and HP Photosmart Premiere Fast Start permanently out of my Startup.

    Also have run HiJackThis and am now going down that path.
  2. LookinAround

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    Of course LookinAround beat me AGAIN by mere seconds!

    We strongly suggest that you visit our Virus and Malware Removal forum and read the 8 Step sticky. Follow the steps as given and when you are finished then attach to your post the logs required.

    With people like Bobbye and Broni and others you'll get excellent help.
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    Re: You startups

    Try (your program menu may be slightly different) Programs->HP->HP Update, click Settings and you should find an option to tell HP to not automatically go checking for updates

    For a complete list of stuff getting loaded and/or started

    Download Autoruns. Click autoruns.exe to run it
    > Wait till status in lower left corner says Ready
    > Click File->Save, save as a text (.txt) file and attach back here

    I can take a quick skim (and autoruns tool is an easy way to control things you want to turnoff)
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    LOL... just lucky i happened to be at my 'puter and saw it first... :)

    Though i gotta say.. the quickest fingers i think i've ever seen for replies at the keyboard was kimsland! (gee.. and haven't seen him post in a long while for that matter)
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    The last time I saw him was on the Computer Forums earlier this year but he was there only for a brief period but posting away like a mad-man.

    @ ConchitaInOz - Follow LookinAround's advice. He has a lot of working knowledge.
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    Wow, thanks for the great suggestions - FILES ATTACHED

    Lookin Around, thanks heaps for the list, I have gone through the steps and will post the logs now. Figured out this computer starting acting up a couple of weeks ago, and found a trojan in adobe auto-updater (which I had never installed - pretty sure:blackeye:)! Programs are all so intelligent now...

    So long as I was working on it, I also removed the hp scaner virusware, which I had broken when I removed frameworks. It may never work again... now I am in a framework muddle, but that's another story! With this and the TFC the computer is now flying along again like in the good old days. :D

    Route 44, thanks for the Autorun suggestion, will play with that later, maybe tomorrow as it's past midnight down-under.

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  8. ConchitaInOz

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    Autoruns log

    So long as it worked first go, thought I'd post the log.
    It is txt, if you want I can zip, what's a good zipper?
    Thanks again
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    You can simply attach it as txt is OK. I'll take a look and review if any comment.

    Also, if you could pls create a new thread and repost your logs in the Malware/Virus forum. The malware experts keep an eye on that particular forum and it also helps to separate all the back and forth instruction about malware specific stuff from Windows issues

    So i'll comment if anything i see in your autoruns log. And then best to wait to have you declared "malware free" before you post back here should still need more help

    So just let us know when the malware question is resolved :)
  10. ConchitaInOz

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    Autoruns file

    Here 'tis. Ta

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