Xp sp3?

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Jul 16, 2008
  1. hey all,
    i've been considering upgrading to sp3, but i've been hearing alot of rumblings that you have to do it just right or your screwed. anyone have any first hand experience with sp3 yet?
    (uh dunno whether i have retail or OEM to be honest, can't remember, but both my copies have keys that i originally got with laptops)
  2. mailpup

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    I recently built a new PC for my wife and installed XP SP2. Instead of installing all the separate critical updates from Windows Update, I installed SP3 through Windows Update. I've added some optional updates and some subsequent critical updates and have experienced no problems. On an older Dell PC with XP SP2, I installed SP3 through Windows Update over all the critical updates I had already installed over the years and had no problems with it either.

    I have two other PCs with SP2 that are up to date with updates but I haven't installed SP3.
  3. Bobbye

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    I have not had the first hand experience you are wanting. But I have surely read and tried to help enough people who did get SP3. My reply, based on this and the information about the SP is that is got got SP1, Sp2 and the updates since, you don't need SP3. SP3 included all the previous updates plus a few that are said not to be noticeable on your system.

    I put the following together befor SP2 came out. The same should be followed before any major update such as SP3. Not checking these things first is often what causes the problems:
  4. nickc

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    I have been running SP3 since it was in BETA and I know u will not get much from it if u are running a computer that has all updates and is current, but if u are redoing the OS and going to have to do all the updates then SP3 is the only way to go, it will take a whole lot less time and by far is the easiest way to get everything current. (as far as Windows Update)
  5. Rick

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    So, how exactly do you 'do it right'? heh.

    Just install it. You'll be fine. :)
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