XP Will Not Boot From Startup Disk

By duff8000
May 29, 2008
  1. Hey all i'm new here and i got a question for ya. I was having some issues with my dell inspiron 6000 laptop running XP HOme Edition SP2, so i decided to do a clean install. I have done this several times on other machines in my house; put the disk in, boot from cd, follow options and all is well. However, this time, when i put it in, it says "press any ket boot from cd" which is normal, "setup is detecting...." also normal, but then instead of the "windows startup" blue screen, it pauses at a black blank screen forever. I had fedora 8 also installed on my HD at the time. After trying to "fix" my problem and what not, my HD is entirely cleared at the moment, no working OS, and i'm really confused as to why it will not boot form CD. The CD is ok, checked it on another machine. If i let it boot from HD, it goes to the fedora screen where it asks what OS i want to run, however, since i deleted everything, none will run of course. So now i turn to you all and ask if you can please help me, as this is really bugging me.
    Thanks in advance for all the help..

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