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XP wont assign drive letter to USB 2.0 HDD on USB 1.1 port

By TheJMan ยท 28 replies
Oct 12, 2003
  1. ferjero989

    ferjero989 TS Rookie

    ok plp u got this all wrong...
    when u plug the usb drive it will be show in device manager as drive, but windows but recognize it as a volume... in other words disk manager wont show it at all.. this is happening to me too..
    i have 1 internal hdd (raid 0) with 3 partitions and i pluged an extenral drive but im unable to do anything with it
  2. brandon dub

    brandon dub TS Rookie

    So ferjero989, you didnt have Daemon tools installed?

    What kind of USB drive did you install and on what operating system?

    Win 9x requires you to manually install drivers, even if your using XP I recommend you try reinstalling or deleting the driver (for the specific usb drive)

    does it show in the 'safely remove hardware" list?
  3. ferjero989

    ferjero989 TS Rookie

    never installed any optical drive emulator, not even a burning software yet :S ... this hapened in both xp and vista, it seems like in my case it might be the nvidia firewall software or chipset drivers.. i dunno
    the USB drive was just an enclosure, it did work i another computer tho.. so it must be chipset drivers issue
    the "device" will show in safely remove hardware as "mass storage device" but with no letter... i have a usb kingston pen drive (usb flash drive) and that works, it gets a letter and works and everything...
    im pretty sure its drivers the thing is...
    this is a msi k9n6gm series.. i have no idea how to get the oficial nvidia drivers for it...
    i heard the network access manager software that comes with the nvidia chipset drivers are very buggy.. it might be the couse of the issue
  4. brandon dub

    brandon dub TS Rookie


    first double click on the 'safely remove hardware' icon to bring up the window. select "display device componemnts" to view the hard drive letters, highlight the drive 'unknown mass storage device' (the one with no drive letter within the hierarchy) and click properties.
    go to the drivers tab and uninstall the driver leaving the usb drive connected to the computer reboot the computer.

    If the problem persists then uninstall your Nvidia chipset update or whatever it was you installed, If you have an Nvidia chipset driver CD then you might be able to use it to update your chipset utility automatically, otherwise dont update it, nvidia drivers are buggy if you dont have the exact one your specs require so Id leave it unless you are prompted somewhere.

    windows will provide these drivers for you, if they dont work properly then choose "update driver" through the properties tab (like the example I gave you earlier). Let me know how you made out.

    good luck
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