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Yahoo is selling Creative Commons Flickr images but isn't sharing profits with owners

By Justin Kahn
Dec 1, 2014
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  1. Changes have been made over on Flickr some users aren't too happy about. Yahoo has decided that it can sell canvas prints of creative commons images belonging to users without sharing any of the revenue.

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  2. Bobs Yer Uncle

    Bobs Yer Uncle TS Rookie

    As it's been reported here, this certainly seems like just a really Big Jerk move by Yahoo. How very Neo-Liberal of them!

    Thomas Picketty empirically demonstrates in his seminal work "Capital in the Twenty-First Century", the accelerating trend is to ensure that r>g (or "returns exceed growth"). Institutionalization of policy & practices which perpetuate this imbalance ensures that ever greater concentrations of capital are distributed across ever smaller subsets of the population.

    So look for a lot more of this kind of thing to come in time. And of course, Kiddos, don't ever forget ....

    Welcome to Dystopia: Where We're Building A Brighter Tomorrow!
    (YOU don't get to VISIT the Bright Parts, of course!. But at least you will be granted the satisfaction of knowing that you PAID for all of our glorious construction! Now, quit your gawking & get back to your labors. NOW!)
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