Yahoo moves away from BlackBerry as corporate phone of choice

By Shawn Knight
Sep 17, 2012
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  1. Steve Ballmer isn't the only tech industry CEO in the giving spirit as of late. New Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer recently informed employees they would be allowed to select a new smartphone and that Yahoo would even foot the monthly...

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  2. I think we need more of this in corporate offices.

    Maybe not giving them for free and all that, but companies moving away from dead technology and actually embracing what the employees want.

    Think about it, your job is difficult enough, and you're supposed to work on the go from your Blackberry? That's perfect if all you receive is plain text (which also was perfect 3-5 years ago).

    The industry has completely changed. If you give the employee a much nicer phone, that is more than capable of editing office documents on the go and viewing multiple pictures with ease, then the employee will go the extra mile. It's a win win. More productivity with a happier employee no longer chained to their prehistoric Blackberry.

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