Yahoo preparing massive restructuring, thousands of jobs in jeopardy

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member
Newly appointed Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson is said to be preparing a major restructuring plan that includes a vast number of layoffs. Multiple sources have told All Things D that…

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TS Maniac
I used Yahoo! sometimes to check the finance/stocks section... however I had to ditch using it for even that simple thing. The stories that they put on their front page are awful. I would be embarrassed to put on my resume that I use to write for Yahoo!


TS Evangelist
I hope that means they fire their article writers, including Chris Chase (if anyone knows who im talking about)


TS Booster
I remember Yahoo when it was more like Google, just a plain and simple logo. Yahoo was the first search engine I ever used. I always believed Yahoo was the direct competitor to Google. Thesedays maybe its Bing or just Google for one.