Yahoo purchases mobile advertising startup Admovate

Shawn Knight

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Yahoo on Wednesday announced the acquisition of advanced mobile ad technology startup Admovate. The company is responsible for developing sophisticated technology that helps marketers reach their desired audience at the right time and place according to a post on Yahoo’s...

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These acquisitions and this improving earning report certainly explain the recent surge of investor confidence. In my opinion, Yahoo is definitely poised for success if they can keep their eye on the ball.

A link to their 52-week chart:
Success would still require people using their services. If all they have to offer is more intrusive spying and marketing then they might as well give it up. Its all been downhill since they started charging for POP3/IMAP client access (although its still possible if you know how). Any company whose so-called free services *demand* my phone number can go straight to hell, esp when their search is garbage. "My Yahoo" is just about the only thing they have of worth at this point and I'm just waiting for them to dump it as well.