Year 10 Project- Building a Computer

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Oct 25, 2007
  1. Kristo

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    Yeah Okay thanx!
    The 8600GT has S-Video out connection so i think i mite connect it to my TV which is just a simple widescreen 69cm...So Yeah

    And by the way i am gonna go for a Scarface Theme with the case
    i want a simple case so i can spray paint a vinyl onto it of Scarface with the words underneath saying either
    "The World Is Yours....." or the famous "Say Hello To My Lil' Friend!

    I also mite add sum holes that look like Bullet holes so it can also have the hot air get out from there..Wat do u guys think? I will draw up a design of wat it mite be like so yeah will have it dun by the end of the week or so so u guys can comment on it....
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