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Yikes! Firefox v3.5.1 deletes saved passwords?

By LookinAround ยท 13 replies
Aug 2, 2009
  1. I recently upgraded Firefox to v3.5.1. I also just noticed saved userid/passwords weren't being filled in. I checked FF Tools->Options to check my saved passwords (like i've done many, many times in the past) and it is now blank. Everything has been deleted!

    So this post is part warning and part question. Anyone else see this happen as well?

    Seems a quick Google search showed someone else posting same problem. So be warned before upgrading!
  2. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,758   +2,429

    I would do some experimenting between data such as saved passwords and the privacy settings. There may be some conflict with these settings

    When "private" browsing is set, and also, "warn me when I try to close multiple tabs", is checked. sometimes it gives the warning, and sometimes not. Which is usually a big head rush when it unceremoniously closes 50 or so tabs on you.

    I know this isn't directly addressed to your post, but just my 2 cents regarding this version. It seems a bit buggy, (perhaps slow), and more than a little eccentric.

    I'm still rather fond of version 2.0.
  3. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Topic Starter Posts: 6,491   +184

    Well.. seems you might be best off sticking to v2.0 as it appears this issue of losing all Firefox userid/password data is related to data conversion bugs in Firefox v3.5!

    From what i read thus far, the problem revolves around Mozilla converting Firefox data (they were keeping data in .txt files) to now using SQLite files beginning with v3.5.

    Apparently the data conversion doesn't always work well (e.g. in my case!). Here's one of the more interesting links i found. Solution #1 didn't work for me. I'll update the thread when i get around to trying Solution #2 (or anything else i might find to work)
  4. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    Hi LookinAround,
    If you look at the image I uploaded with this post, you'll see my Firefox settings (I have 3.5.1 as well). Under the settings tab (circled) I have saved passwords checked, so obviously the passwords will be deleted 'when I close Firefox'. If you want the passwords saved, it should be unchecked. Things changed quite a bit between versions and I had to have my eyes open on the settings page. Have a look...;)
  5. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Topic Starter Posts: 6,491   +184

    Hi strategic!

    Thank you for the reply and the image you attached! But i think you'll find
    > your Privacy settings apply to stuff like Cookies and Internet History
    > Click on Security tab in FF options to view the settings for password options

    Also, for my case,
    > my Privacy setting currently does not clear my history
    > my Security setting does save passwords

    Plus i find FF now does continue to save my passwords when i re-enter them. Problem is it never converted all my old password data when i did the upgrade to v3.5.1

    so for now, i'm still stickin' to my original story ;)
  6. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    Ah, I missed the part where they were deleted during the upgrade. Unfortunately, I don't remember what the defaults were. Could it be that the 'security' settings and 'privacy' settings, cancel each other out?
  7. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Topic Starter Posts: 6,491   +184

    I believe Securty settings apply strictly to passwords. Privacy settings apply to your internet usage data (e.g. cookies, urls, browser cache). So my best guess from all i've seen to date (including what i've just found today posted in other forums) is the problem is a data conversion bug that occurs to some, not all, people during the upgrade to FF v3.5
  8. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,758   +2,429

    Shouldn't you two be rethinking the idea about saving passwords on your computers anyway. It doesn't seem like a particularly good thing to do in the first place.

    Yes, I know that doesn't solve the problem. Or, call me paranoid.
  9. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    You're absolutely right. I never save any password lists on my PC. Maybe I'm paranoid that way too. It's a good thing :D
  10. Kcircyrd

    Kcircyrd TS Rookie Posts: 216

    We now have tested one of our machines, and it is clear you have to be very careful to preserve your system's ability to automatically enter passwords. We agree with LookingAround that this can be an unwanted inconvenience. The Firefox folks should have known better than set it up without specific warnings.
  11. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Topic Starter Posts: 6,491   +184

    Yes. And No. IMHO Not all passwords are created equal

    I'd save lots of passwords on my computer (e.g. TechSpot's) but that doesn't mean one saves more sensitive (e.g. financial data) sites as well

    Firefox saves passwords... But allows you to discriminate when doing so!
  12. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020


    Please explain... sorry:(
  13. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Topic Starter Posts: 6,491   +184

    You can be selective as to which sites you want it to save passwords and which sites it should never save password

    If you have Security settings checked to Save Passwords it always prompts to:
    > Save the password for a site
    > Never save password for a site
    > Or just not save password this time (but ask again next time)

    You can also manage those settings via the Security tab
    > Note you can check the box to save passwords (which then prompts you)
    > And note the Exception button to change your mind if you say Never but now decide yoiu want to be prompted for password next time
  14. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    Big time sorry! :eek:
    I knew that, I thought you were referring to something different.:blush::dead:
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