You will soon be able to shake your phone to report bugs to Facebook


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Love or hate the platform for how it has changed the world, Facebook is used by billions of people globally and pretty soon they'll be able to report bugs on the site as they use it on their phone. We can wonder about this feature not coming to PC because of its general lack of required sensors and the fact that reporting bugs this way would have made for some violent shakes.

Anyway, the "shake to report" feature is being rolled out in a couple of weeks across the company's mobile apps. While the iOS version already has it as an opt-in feature, the idea behind this update is to make shaking phones mainstream among iPhone and Android users for reporting bugs.

Users will still be able to go the traditional route for reporting bugs through the site's Help & Support menu but Facebook hopes that this new gesture will make it easier for mobile users to let it know if a News Feed or a comment thread refuses to load properly.

The feature is also designed to help Facebook assess the app's general usability. For example, if users cannot figure out how to complete an action or use a certain feature, they can shake their phone to report it as well. Presumably, if a considerable amount of users are facing the same problem, Facebook can make a decision on the feedback and implement a better workaround for future use.

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You know what? I simply don't want to do something as stupid as shaking my phone. (But, then again, I don't bother with Facebook.)

BTW, Win10 1903 now has an icon and a popup message describing the function of the Start menu's "Shutdown". I mean, "Shutdown" isn't all that hard to figure out.

Tech seriously needs to grow up.


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"You will soon be able to shake your phone to report bugs to Facebook"

The true headline should say:

"You will soon be able to shake your phone to report your data to NSA"


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The only reason I even open Facebook is to clear the stupid alerts they send me of someone updating their profile. I don't give a damn if you are updating your profile. What's even more stupid is you can't even turn this function off. Each time I click the button to disable it, it turns right back on within a second. Facebook is so desperate for daily logins, they have to resort to annoying people to opening their app to clear the alert. I'd be if we had the numbers on the average daily login duration, it's probably less than 10 seconds in the vast majority of users. Their daily login numbers are 100% inflated by the fact that they are essentially forcing you to open the app by annoying you.