"Your Computer is Infected!" i keep getting this message!? please help!

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Feb 9, 2006
  1. Heya Guy,

    earlier today my mate was over and while i was having dinner he decided to be an ***** and go on some porn site. since then i now have popups in the bottom right hand corner of my desktop screen, theres a world flashing to a red cross that keeps reading "your computer is infected" and a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. when this virus appeared so did a program called "Spy Falcon" i scanned my pc with norton and adware and deleted the spy falcon and a file found in Windows Sytem 32 tray. This thing is still flashing and Norton or Adaware cannot find anything else. I'm unsure what to do, this happend on my dads pc and my mums, on my mums norton got rid of it and on my dads he just gave up and reset his pc. Only difference is my mum and dad had spy Axe appear on there pcs not spy falcon. I don't want to reset mine as i have loads of work stuff on it and it would take hours to put back on.

    I'm on windows XP and have no idea how to remove this.

    i was told my pc has been hi jacked and to run a hi jacking program so i did, but don't understand any of the details in the log.

    can anyone help me please

    thanks very much:D
  2. howard_hopkinso

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  3. Smell the Glove

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    Do exactly what Howard and RealBlackStuff recommend!!

    Post a hijackthis log so we can look through it.

    It sounds like mssearchnet or very similar. Check your task manager. Look for "mssearchnet" and "nvctrl". They can also be found in your system32 file.

    These files won't let you stop or delete them so you either have to work in safe mode or download Killbox.
  4. almcneil

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    I recommend using the following 3 anti-spyware utilities:

    • Ad-Aware 2007
    • Spybot Search & Destroy
    • AVG Anti-Spyware

    All are free and can be downloaded via the Internet.
  5. andymaco

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    Thanks, I'll give it a try
  6. Bobbye

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