Your favorite YouTube "Let's players"

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Jul 31, 2011
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  1. Let's play's have become huge and fun to watch.
    Here are some I recommend in order of my favorite...

    1. FunkyHonkyCDXX (Fun and addicting to watch, best personality/commentating, consistent/tons of videos, must watch let's player and best in my opinion)
    2. BlueXephos (Famous for Yogcast, Minecraft videos, and the ever popular Shadow of Israphel series, funny and fun to watch)
    3. Jefmajor (Funny comentating, plays out of ordinary games)
    4. J2JonJeremy (enjoy his commentating and choice of games)
    5. Coestar (Loved his Minecraft videos, Known for Coe's quest(in Minecraft))

    What are some of your favorite let's players?
  2. myhv

    myhv TS Rookie

    Also Yogcast ^^ And wowcrendor and Kevin from noRegrets, but rather rarely, mostly interested in their original content.

    Apart from that, it's Jessie Cox from OMFGcata and TotalBiscuit, although TB does not really does LPs, but he did a few colabs with Jessie and Yogcast.
  3. Lokalaskurar

    Lokalaskurar TS Enthusiast Posts: 544

    Definitely the Yogcast! Love the Shadow of Israphel series - it's what got me into Minecraft! Other than that, Chuggaaconroy of course! He's a heavy-hitter for sure.
  4. ninso

    ninso TS Rookie Posts: 29

    I watch yogscast for minecraft whiteboy7st and xstraws for black ops.
    These are the only lets play youtubers i watch
  5. pbrad08

    pbrad08 TS Rookie

    I like the "GamingMex". His playthroughs are chill as hell and he wont just ramble aimlessly throughout the game play.
  6. Thattechman

    Thattechman TS Rookie

    Chuggaaconroy. He does pretty good "Let's Play" stuff and walkthrough's. He's funny too; not really boring...


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