Your program caused a divide overflow error

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Dec 31, 2009
  1. Ok, so, I got a computer here, power surge happend at their house. The computer POSTs but never gets to windows. It starts, showing the Windws Logo then restarts, even going into safe mode, loads the right files then just restarts.

    Now on to my main problem where this error shows: Since it is not booting I wanted to test the hardware first, to eliminate going any further on windows problems. I put in my Hiren's BootCD, and go to load a test (hard drive, RAM) and it gives me the error "your program caused a divide overflow error`` I looked up reasons this could happen and tried what I could but with no avail.

    Tried in the bios setting the chipset to a clockspeed of 266MHz rather then set to Auto, ( The RAM runs at 400MHz. Also tried switching out the ram, switching out the processor, as that could be an issue. The disc works fine on other computers, but not this one.

    So something, either hard ware or some setting is stopping this from being able to run.

    Another suggestion was to turn off firewalls, but theres no firewall check on bootup or anything.. I`m out of ideas, any suggestions appreciated.

    Ok so, so far I've found out that while both hard drives are connected, I get this error, connected seperatly there is no error and I can run some tests. I haven't left any test fully through as of yet but I will be. I've switched the jumper so that it is set to Master/Slave and tried Cable Select, neither works.

    I'm thinking either the harddrives are having conflicts, not working together, or theres a problem with the motherboard trying to use both. The thing is, I don't know why it happends when I'm trying to test the RAM, off a CD..It shouldn't be using the hard drive, but I guess components still sometimes cause errors to happen.
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    You can try restore your BIOS settings to factory setting, optimal setting, fail safe setting or the like. The power surge may have caused your mainboard's BIOS setting information damaged. You can't see anything wrong from the surface.
  3. ComputerGuy55

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    Hey I forgot to post back, I figured it out. Dudes hard drives were toast. Both of them had errors, one couldn't even be read, the other could read but not be used.. But both hard drives were having errors. Recovered some files off the dead drive, and just pulled all data off the damaged drive.. Replaced them with a bigger hard drive and all-is-well. Thanks for the input!
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    Sorry to hear that. It is already painful to recover a damaged hard drive, not to mention that you have two.. To mention the facts, power surge is the top killer to hard drives. It is better to connect a power stablizer such as a UPS device.
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    Yeah, thankfully it wasn't my computer. I'm a computer tech. so. We sell UPS's at the store, and thats what we sold the guy with his new tower. Along with many other people that seem to have power issues at their house. Battery side for their tower and monitor, power surge side for everything else.
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