YouTube bumps upload limit to 15 minutes


TS Evangelist
After years of pleading, it seems YouTube users have made themselves loud and clear: 10 minutes just doesn't cut it. In a blog post today, Google said the most requested feature is to allow non-partnered members to upload videos longer than 10 minutes, and the company has met your demands by increasing the limit to 15 minutes.

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TS Guru
Hmm, do you really need 15 min long videos, I remember watching Final Destination (film) on youtube in like 14 videos, won't this encourage people to upload full TV shows, tho google are alot faster at removing Copyright material now, and they offer full TV shows now so maybe my view is outdated.

Actully thinking about it, yes I can see 10 min videos being used. Game play videos can be longer than 10 mins, movie reviews, Yea 15 mins is a good move. I can see the need for it. YouTube is great.


TS Booster
hha i like how you (gobbybobby) answered your own question.

Where i can see the benefit of this, i for one don't think i'll be able to take advantage of the the 15 Mins. The longest video i have uploaded is 5min. But once i get Fraps(and faster internet), maybe i will use those 15 min


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Person A: I need 20 mins!
Person B: Come on you know you're gonna eventually bump it up to 30 mins Google...


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My friend is a game programmer and she loves that they did this. Apparently now she can put up longer game walkthroughs or something and ten minutes was really restricting her.

I don't see that 15 minutes versus 10 minutes is going to encourage any more pirating that is already out there. Anyone who was already uploading things illegally was doing it in tens anyway.