YouTube Premium subscribers can claim a Stadia gaming bundle for free

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TL;DR: Stadia is continuing its push into homes with another promotion. This time Google is giving away the $100 Stadia Premiere Edition bundle to YouTube Premium subscribers. The offer is valid through the end of the year to US and UK customers and does carry some eligibility conditions.

To refresh your memory, the Stadia Premiere Edition comes with a Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra dongle. It's worth mentioning that the Chromecast Ultra is still required for Stadia. Google says that the new Chromecast with Google TV will not have cloud gaming support until sometime next year.

YouTube Premium subscribers in the US and the UK can claim the Stadia Premium Edition, but there are a few stipulations. Only adults (18 and over) who have had an active paid account before November 6, 2020, are eligible. Users must also have a new, current, or past Stadia Pro membership connected to the same Google account as their YouTube Premium.

Only allowing people with active YT Premium accounts before last week is likely Google's way to keep people from taking advantage of the offer by signing up for the trial and then canceling just to get the Stadia bundle. Customers have until midnight, December 31, 2020, to claim the offer.

It's almost hard to believe that Stadia only launched about a year ago. The service has grown significantly in the last year. Stadia launched with only 22 games. Its catalog is now up to 147 titles. CGM notes that as of April, Google has obtained more than a million Stadia subscribers.

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I went in for the offer, even though I have a Chromecast Ultra - first month of Stadio Pro was free and it includes a bunch of games for free. Given that I can't get an RTX card before 2077, it might end up being the way I play it.
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I redeemed mine, free Chromecast Ultra is worth it enough, the Stadia controller looks pretty sweet too, hoping it works with steam games :) don't intent to use stadia though!