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YouTuber MKBHD gets hands-on time with the Asus ROG phone

By midian182
Jul 26, 2018
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  1. As Brownlee notes, the ROG phone is a departure from most of today’s flagships when it comes to design. The device is thick, heavy, notch-free, and comes with multiple ports. The rear fingerprint sensor is a wide and an unusual shape, and it even comes with an RGB ROG logo and a heat sink.

    While the 2160×1080 OLED panel is unspectacular, its 90Hz refresh rate is praised—the Razer phone has a 120Hz display but uses an LCD panel. It comes with features and specs you would find in many high-end phones, such as face unlock, dual rear cameras, and a Snapdragon 845, and, like the Razer phone, a pair of stereo speakers that are said to be very impressive and super loud. It also boasts 8GB of RAM, up to 512GB of internal storage, a 4000mAh battery with quick charge 4.0 support, and a headphone jack.

    Much like the HTC U11 and Pixel 2, the ROG phone has squeezable sides that are mappable. This is particularly useful in gaming mode when they become “air triggers,” allowing you to perform different actions in games without blocking the screen with your fingers—making them similar to shoulder buttons on a gamepad.

    There are a ton of other gaming-focused features in Asus' phone, one of the most interesting being “X mode.” Activated with a long squeeze, it increases the CPU clock speed, frees up RAM from background apps, turns on HDR, mutes incoming notifications, and lights up the ROG logo.

    Buyers of the Asus ROG phone also get a small fan in the box that keeps the CPU cool while playing games, with other accessories planned for future release.

    There was no mention of a price or a release date in the video, but it will be interesting to see how the ROG phone stacks up against Razer’s device, and how popular it proves with consumers.

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  2. lazer

    lazer TS Addict Posts: 252   +59

    I am afraid to get an Asus device. I bought one and it worked great until it told me to update the OS. Then it stopped working and I called up their 'help' desk and got such a run around, they dragged on for weeks and could not give me a proper answer how to get it working.

    Too bad TS doesn't go beyond the physical product and review the quality of companies' help desks. Why buy a product that is 'good' when there is no decent help to back it up?

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