YouTube's crackdown on ad-blockers officially goes global

I think the whole model is bad. The platform demands too much of its users, while offering too little in terms of content control. And far too many content creators think they're owed a living.
It's not just that. Ive bin digging into the "how much real privacy we have today" thing and I came across quite some stuff. Pretty much big brother in the 80's is completely back at it where our goverment is in pretty much everything you use on a daily basis.

A VPN is questionable too. A VPN provider can simply be cohersed into broad tapping of all it's communications. Your ISP of your phone is storing pretty much everything you do with it of a minimum 6 month retention. So where you was, with who your called and even in the event of something serious enough they are able to tap into your live whatsapp, videocalls and what more.

Whatsapp advertising with it's E2E stuff is bullshit. Goverment can obtain access just like that. People are mass followed and the public is'nt even aware of the fact. There's simply no privacy anymore.

There isn't absolute privacy, but you can mask, if not hide, much of what you do online if you're willing to change how you operate, what apps you use, and how your devices are setup accordingly.

What's wrong with supporting creators? I pay the $15 a month for no adds, rather than complaining about add while watching free content made by someone who partially relies on add revenue to keep creating content. Are people really that entitled?

Nothing, if I'm willingly supporting them directly. YouTube is giving creators a miniscule fraction of what they bring into the platform. YouTube and Google owes me money for what data they've collected from me and in turn monetized for themselves, so I'll skip providing them with any additional money if I can avoid it.

Anyway, if the terms of agreement state "no add blockers" and people use them anyway, they are thieves. Plain and simple.

YouTube doesn't even follow their own rules regarding DMCA claims and abuse, why am I going to concern myself with following their rules if they don't follow them? (Don't forget the bots that are so blatantly obvious as to be paying Google to allow them to operate on the platform.)

I don't get why YouTube doesn't just ban them. No tolerance.
They claim they can just stop using Youtube anyway, so Youtube should help with that goal.

Because YouTube can't effectively ban anyone without becoming a closed, subscription-only platform, which would tank their failing business model overnight.
Worry not. Coders and hackers are ALWAYS one step ahead of commercial companies.

This will only make the coders be more aggressive in circumnavigating and destroying anti-adblocking measures by Google and YouTube.
If they are that bad, stop using them. Make a stand instead of stealing.
Anti MS, anti Alphabet, anti Nvidia, Intel, AMD and on and on.
The complaints and accusations all fall way short when the person with the list of grievances doesn't actually stop using the product(s) they hate so much.

Its actually quite weak.
I used to watch YT a lot for fun or study content. Their increased ads put me off that platform as premium cost way too high imho. Not sure when I accessed their platform last time.
You can avoid the app as well. If you watch a 10 minute video, 100% your going to get unskippable ads within at least 4 of them of each 10 to 30 seconds.

It's just insane.