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Zoo Tycoon 2 Graphics and Game Play Problem

By AMD ยท 13 replies
Dec 26, 2004
  1. Hi, I have installed zoo tycoon 2 on my PC and the intro plays but the game will not actually start. The screen appears to be funny - large font letters in a small box in centre of screen and game hangs.

    I have a NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 440
    800 x 600 (32 bit) 60 Hz
    Plug and Play Monitor

    Main Driver nv4_disp.dll
    Version 6.13.0010.4109

    I feel it may be a graphics card problem - any help would be appreciated,
    Should I update drivers - if so how do I do this.

    Thanks AMD
  2. lionzrfluffball

    lionzrfluffball TS Rookie

    i have the same problem, i managed 2 actually play the game which was fine but a bax would appear in the center of the screen wenever a put the cursor over an object, but would dissapear wen i moved the cursor off of it. it didn't do any harm but was rather annoying.
    wen i installed zoo tycoon 2 i got a message saying somthing bout an older version, i ticked the do not show me again box thinking this would course no problem but it does what urs does, (large font and only part of the screen on the main menu e.t.c.)
    what i don't understand is sims 2 works great and has no problems, and its got all the same requiremnts xept the size.

    my computer is a dell dimmension 4550
    we have well over half the memory left
    if any1 has had this problemand fixed it plz cn u help!?

  3. Fenrey

    Fenrey TS Rookie

    Large text Box

    I have exactly the same problem, also GFoce 4. On mine the menus apparently are there as if you hit it lucky you get one of the options and can start a game but the text is large and garbbled in the middle of the screen.
    the graphics are fine everywhere except for the menu, once in a game the trees and such forth are interactable fine.
    Anybody a solution?
  4. lionzrfluffball

    lionzrfluffball TS Rookie

    yeah i did tht once but i cn't do it again. but i get a screen tht pops up wen u put ur mouse over an interactive icon which is the same size as the menu screen. also my disc is weird so im gonna bring it back and see if a new disc will be any different.
    i have also looked on the web but none of the tips help at all. zoo tycoon website is very helpfull but not very much for me just a waste of time in a way.
  5. ScootertheSuper

    ScootertheSuper TS Rookie

    No sound

    I have also installed Zoo2 and everything starts great, however as soon as you click a button about one minute into the game the sound shuts off for the game and then the entire computer. I don't know what kind of sound card I have or anything.
  6. gcondo

    gcondo TS Rookie

    I am having the same problem with an ATI Fire GL E1 card installed with a Dell Dimention Workstation. The driver ;must be obtained from the Dell web site, not ATI and the latest one is very OLD, like 9-4-2002. Microsoft has tried to sell me on a new card, but I feel this should be either adressed by new driver code or a new card from Dell as the system is under warrenty.
  7. highhoney38

    highhoney38 TS Rookie

    Same here

    Hi all, You know I just installed zoo tycoon2 and I have the same thing happening to me so I uninstalled it then downloaded the trial version but it does the same thing. What could be wrong? I have a compaq computer and it meets all the requirements. So it is very frustrating to say the least. Hopefully someone out there can help us all. LOL !!!!
  8. HondaAcuRaBabe

    HondaAcuRaBabe TS Rookie

    Microsoft sux

    basically, the game doesn't accept any video cards. All the main manufacture's such as ATI, NVIDIA, INTEL, DIAMOND, and S3 don't work. its unbelieveably stupid! :mad:
    It's just a way for microsoft to get your money. i guess it would be best to acutally go to a store with people who acutally understand game problems and talk to them in person before you do so much to your computer. i wouldn't want to buy something that i didn't need just to play a $20 game yah kno wut i mean? also... the microsoft website doesn't help you any nor does calling them. G-LUCK!
  9. HondaAcuRaBabe

    HondaAcuRaBabe TS Rookie

    also, if anyone comes here and their game works just fine... please mention which video card you are using!! it would be greatly appreciated!:giddy:
  10. Nickiwicki97

    Nickiwicki97 TS Rookie

    Look and help!!!

    :dead: The second I started playing zoo tycoon 2 the game did the basic video and then a little box in the middle of the screen apeared outside the box was a light blue background. In the box there were tons of blury letters and colors. It looked Kinda like the picture was cut in 6 and I only had 1 of the 6. It also looked super big. :( Please Help!!!!! :(
  11. Robgamer

    Robgamer TS Rookie Posts: 52

    Hey if you have a dell computer than how do you tell what type of dell computer you have? Because I cant seem to find what type I have.
  12. SueK

    SueK TS Rookie

    We've been playing the game and it's been great. It runs on a AMD Athlon 64, XP pro os,ATI 9800 Pro 128,Cosair XMS 512 memory. It's been alright. I'm sorry to hear about so many problems. I hope this helps. I'm keeping the video card for a while since I don't have many complaints when playing games.
  13. Greenmachine

    Greenmachine TS Rookie Posts: 149

    Have you guys seen this?

    You can see your computer info a couple of different ways...
    1). Start-Run-then type dxdiag

    2). Start-Programs-Accessories-System tools-System Information

    Why don't you guys just buy a new video card?? Most of you are either running onboard graphics or an old PCI graphics card. Most base model dells only have PCI slots, so if you upgrade to a new card check this one out.
    If you happen to have an AGP graphics slot....write back and tell us your budget.
  14. SueK

    SueK TS Rookie

    That's a good point about onboard graphics. I learned 6 years ago the truth about running games with onboard graphics. It was awful. Then I went to a PCI video card which made it a little better and more ram until I could build something that ran the games alittle better. I have a ATI 9800 pro 128 and even though it's old technology now, It's still o.k. for me. Right now they're at a cheap price in case anyone is interested.
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