Zotac 9800GTX+ Zone Edition

By e_engineer
Aug 14, 2008
  1. Hi guys,

    I have just established a website and beginned to do individual tests. Last week I got a Water Cooled Zotac 9800GTX+ Zone Edition and compared with GTX 260 and HD 3870 (I will add 4850 tests soon).

    The GPU temperature doesnt exceed 50-51C under heavy load. GPU-z shows GPU used in this card manifactured by 65 nm process, not 55nm as expected. This is quite shocking after we had seen first 9800GT samples were 65nm G92 (8800GT) actually.

    Click to read my individual review and test results

    P.S: Sorry ive forgotten to get screenshot of GPU-z. This is not a spam. I am specifically looking for 9800 GTX+ owners to understand this issue.

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