Zynga profits drop sharply, IPO seems even less desirable now

By Shawn Knight · 13 replies
Sep 23, 2011
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  1. Zynga has reported a 90 percent drop in second quarter net income compared to the same period a year ago. The social network game developer made roughly $14 million for…

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  2. gwailo247

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    "non-traditional accounting practices"

    Non-traditional as in Enron, or as in using Hello Kitty notebooks to keep the books?
  3. Oh, I thought they were using the Can I Has Accounting Software Package.
  4. As I have been a player of the Zynga Game Cafe World for 2 years now. I can tell you "this company is headed for BAKRUPTCY."
    It makes Money if players play. Many have stopped playing all Zynga games some still play only one. I played 4 zynga games but dropped them all but Cafe World.
    Reason: Their are numerous Programming Problems, Development Issues. You cant reach anyone to help. Zynga always casts the "stones on Facebook isssues or the best one "...it is your computer. Can't be the user's computer if "it can get into the game with another user using the computer."
    I have been trying to get the issues fixed in my Cafe World for over a year now. I was one whom spent money at one time. Not anymore. Live Chat cant do anything, no phone number to call anyone but Billing.
    Their site when trying to use Live Chat is unavailable more than it is available. Click support to send an email. You get a generic reply within 48 hours. Thank you for contacting us someone will get back to you within 48 hours.
    I filed a support ticket/claim 1 year ago & 3 days Guess what? Nobody has bothered to answer.
    This past week I had just under 5,000 active playing neighbors. As of this writing 1,708 are trying to play. All others have left Zynga games entirely.
    Seems the new Hot game in town is where "a person can go & actually play." When you contact support of this other game. You really do get an answer & help.
    Zynga simply CARES ABOUT MONEY! Has forgotten they need the players to make money.
    A company that wants to stay in business Takes care of the problems, consumers.
    Zynga is NOT the company that does either. They fix nothing, just say there are. The problems are still present from over a year ago & now they have added multiple more problems on top of that.
    Think a Serious study needs to be done for health reasons. The frustration, aggravation alone are far too much. ZYNGA is Hazardous to one's health needs to have a warning.
    Personally BANKRUPT is what ZYNGA DESERVES. Obviously they dont get the picture "that they need players to stay in business."

  5. Keep going Zynga someone can make a better spot
  6. Additional info to guest Deb, you have a game as cafe world that relies on contact with other friends then you set a limit on how many people we can contact in a day and you run these goals on a timed countdown and expect people to be a ble to play the game no wonder you are losing profits and customers you won't fix your problems and fix your programs foundation and then once all fixed then release new stuff. You also bombard us with missions on top of missions and goals and catering and expect us to finish in the time limit. I have sent you a letter warning you of this 4 months ago and you ignored it maybe this will wake up the stockholders to what you are doing wrong and get off your asses and go to work and fix the problems instead of making more and saying you are working on it and never fix it. Also this is supposed to be a game not a job that does not pay. And if you chop the head off the golden goose to get all the eggs at 1 time you will find yourself holding a dead goose and no eggs to reap. HAVE A NICE DAY ZYNGA AND HOPE THE STOCKHOLDERS CHOKE YOUR NECK NOW

  7. I used to play almost all of the Zynga games. I have quit & blocked them one by one until now I am left with Cafe World. I had/have problems with every one of Zynga's games! I will keep 'trying' to play CW for now. But I can guarantee I won't be spending any money!

    Serve u right! Now see greedy does not pay off!
    Back off and work on the issues for all your loyal followers!
  9. I use to play most Zynga games also but have dropped them because of all the problems I was having with them....I still play Cafe World and that is only because I have put my own money into the game, but no more will I spend real cash for play cash......WAKE UP AND GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER ZYNGA.....I have lost 10 neighbours in the past 3 days.
  10. What kind of misleading article title is this? Are you looking for the attention of teenagers? Put the _point_ of the article as title, not something to grab our attention while explaining that this is not the case afterall.
  11. " you have a game as cafe world that relies on contact with other friends then you set a limit on how many people we can contact in a day and you run these goals on a timed countdown and expect people to be a ble to play the game no wonder you are losing profits"

    This is just one of the many reasons I quit playing cafe world. I even wrote on Mall World. . . you guys are charging WAY too much for WAY too little. It's like you think the one game is all we play. If we play ten games and want to buy one thing off each game, that's not a bush or a piece of carpet, thats like 50 dollars. I give propps to some of the mmorpgs they charge less and you get more out of the game and your money. Charging HALF of what you are expecting us to pay is still expensive but doable.

    Another thing . . . Cafe World especially. I liked it before you added the catering and the extras, the spices were nice but you feel defeated and overwhelmed not enjoying things and relaxed
  12. I have played cafe for 2 years now and it has never been problem free but 21 days now have not been able to get in and that suck's but what is more upsetting to me is the customer support or should I say lack of it . I have emailed so many times and 21 day's later no reply ????????
    Zynga you are by far the most pathetic customer support I have ever encountered we are people who YOU have got us hooked on cafe world and avoid all problems just leave your dedicated player's in the dark ????????
  13. lulubelle63

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    I played Cafe World and had many problems with my cafe constantly losing its connection. Zynga strung me along for more than 8 months telling me they were working on the problem. Finally they admitted that my cafe was corrupt and could not be fixed.

    Now I play Farmville. I am ready to quit and I am at a very high level. The constant push to buy Farmville Cash, the quests, the begging, the errors with the game all contribute to my unhappiness. I have a 19 month old ticket that they are still working on. They finally stopped blaming my computer, internet connection and me. Then they told me they wanted to watch me play via Skype. That was a complete redaction of their previous statement that none of this had anything to do with me. They cannot recreate my loading problems, the out of sync errors and they continue to say their is nothing wrong with my farm. Well, when you are in the same building as the servers running the game, of course you are not going to have problems.

    Zynga's major issues are they keep adding new games and new features to existing games without increasing the server capacity. Their servers have to be constantly overloaded and that is why people consistently have issues with their games.

    I have decided to use the remainder of my Farm Cash and then quit the game. I will never play another Zynga game due to the lack of customer support and the way they treat the players of their games. The most common response you get is "We are sorry you are not currently enjoying the game." How can you enjoy a game that doesn't work properly?

    They need to increase server capacity, hire people who can program and trouble-shoot and not bottom of the barrel rejects who no one else would hire since they pay peanuts. I read an article about how the owner of the company treats his employees and if my employer were to yell at me and treat me like dirt I would be out the door regardless of whether I had another job lined up.

    I, too, think that Zynga is headed for bankruptcy and am glad that the stock offering did not happen so that innocent people do not lose their life savings. I hope that Mr. P loses his shirt!
  14. I'm not surprised , I've been playing Farmville since Feb. 2010 and have seen the prices go up on the items in the market and players leaving. Too many issues with the game as well , they roll out new farms without fixing the current farms. Customer support is not so great either.

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