Kerio Personal Firewall (KPF) helps users control how their computers exchange data with other computers on the Internet or local network.

Kerio Personal Firewall Features:

Network security
Residing on each desktop computer, Kerio Personal Firewall allows advanced users or network administrators to create packet filter rules that block or limit traffic for specific ports, protocols, or IP addresses, adding a level of control and security found in sophisticated network firewalls. Rules are based on the needs of individual users and the overall security requirements of the organization.

Privacy protection
Scanning for sensitive information, blocking pop-up windows, filtering out on-line banner ads, and restricting cookies and spyware programs that track browsing habits are functions of KPF that reduce the risk of identity theft and help make surfing the Internet much more pleasant.

Intrusion detection
Potential intruders use various techniques to find out whether a targeted computer is vulnerable to attack. These techniques vary from simple port scanning to more elaborate exploits. Kerio Personal Firewall has a built-in intrusion detection system that identifies and blocks most known attacks.

Application integrity
Besides upgrades or updates, there is usually no need to modify an application. Some modifications can make your programs report usage information. Kerio Personal Firewall can keep applications from launching independently, being modified for malicious purposes, or starting other applications.

What's New:

- Corrected issue in which registration fails when firewall is enabled.
- Significant improvement in network performance when web filtering is enabled.
- Enhanced Process Injection prevention to prevent code inject attempts into Windows system DLLs.
- Corrected numerous application crashes in the firewall service.
- Corrected various crashes in assist.exe
- Corrected issue in which setting password and checking for update does not cancel authentication form.
- Corrected issue in which binary data appeared in logs.
- Significant improvement in product stability.