Esselbach Contentteller CMS 2.1.19

Contentteller is a powerful CMS written in PHP and designed for high traffic websites.

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Multiple Websites

Manage an unlimited number of websites from the same admin interface. Share content, templates and logins between all your websites. Discounts are available if you buy multiple licenses at once.

Caching for heavy traffic websites

Instead of querying the database server for each entry, the system can cache all HTML content statically on the database or file system. This is extremely fast and efficient.

20 Modules

Contentteller comes with 20 modules for every purpose. From a content module to manage your static website, a fully featured news or files website, a support website with knowledgebase, trouble ticket, and glossary.

Highly adaptable

Easily change the layout using the templates to match your current website. Create a new color scheme using the instant styles editor. Change the column layout with a single mouse click.

Import Everything

Import news stories from email accounts, RSS feeds, or newsgroups. Import and updates files from PAD sources or get the latest file updates directly from Association of Shareware Professionals news feed.

Search Engine Friendly

Canonical tags to show search engines the proper page url. Custom url, description and keywords tags for each page. XML sitemap generator with auto submission for Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Windows Installer

An optional Windows installer is available. The Windows installer will upload Contentteller to your web space and setup all permissions automatically. No ftp client needed.

Powerful Attachment Upload

Manage an unlimited numbers of attachement for all your documents. Automatically resize images, create thumbnail images, and add a watermark logo or text to your image.

Twitter, Facebook, Plurk

Allow users to sign-in with their Twitter or Facebook account. Post your latest news and downloads on Twitter and Plurk. Automatically shorten urls with and TinyURL.

Forum Integration

Forum integration with all major forums including vBulletin, XenForo, IP.Board, SMF, phpBB, WBB and UBB.threads. Share logins between both applications and use forum threads for comments.

What's New:

  • Fixed XSS issue in the canonical url
  • Added SSL support
  • Replaced the unknown module redirect with "404 not found" error
  • Updated jQuery to version 1.12.4
  • Updated jQuery UI to version 1.12.1
  • Updated JSColor to version 1.4.5
  • Updated TinyMCE to version 3.5.12
  • Updated MySQL support to use MySQLi instead of MySQL for PHP 7.x compatibility
  • Updated forum integration scripts to use MySQLi for PHP 7.x compatibility
  • Updated acquire import scripts to use MySQLi for PHP 7.x compatibility

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