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Azureus is an advanced multiplatform BitTorrent client written in Java that includes a tracker and a torrent maker, thus providing all the components needed to run a BitTorrent solution.

BitTorrent is a file distribution protocol that reduces the load on central servers by using peer-to-peer technology. Instead of downloading from a single overburdened server, a client can download from hundreds (or thousands) of other peer clients simultaneously, allowing for efficient and high-speed content delivery. Azureus differs from other BitTorrent clients in its new-from-the-ground-up protocol implementation, its easy to use multi-download graphical interface, and its extensive plug-in support.

What's New:

New Features:

* UI | Added "All Peers" view


* Core | Added workarounds for some buggy UPnP router implementations
* UI | NAT status bar indicator and health icons now ignore UDP and LAN-local connections

Corrected bugs:

* Core | Fixed bug where a torrent's save location is "forgotten" when a recheck is done in some circumstances
* Core | Fixed MacOSX playback bug
* Core | Fixed update restart bug