Alternatively you can download the latest stable version of this software.

RSS Menu is a very simple application that allows you to read any RSS or Atom feeds found on various websites. The application lives on the menubar and is available system wide, no need to switch applications back and forth.

Everytime a feed has new articles, you'll be notified.
You can choose from the built in notification or you can use Growl.

Please note that because RSS Menu uses the same parsing engine as Safari Menu, you can easily import your Safari Menu RSS feeds into RSS Menu. To do this, quit RSS Menu first. Then locate the folder Application Support inside the Library folder of your home folder.

Inside this folder create a folder called RSS Menu if it doesn't exist (RSS Menu creates this folder when it is launched for the first time). Move or copy the file RSS sites.plist from the Safari Menu folder into the RSS Menu folder.

Relaunch RSS Menu and you're done.

What's New:

* fixed a bug that would remove feeds from the menu after changing the preferences
* fixed a bug that would not remember the selected article reader application
* fixed a bug that could cause a crash while parsing
* fixed a typo in German localization
* added Russian localization