It periodically checks your subscriptions and automatically retrieves new content. It then notifies you and presents those updates.

While keeping you up-to-date with latest news, Newzie also saves your time by making things automated and easy-to-reach.

Monitor&Aggregate News

  • Full RSS and Atom Feed Support
  • Get Content in text, audio, and video
  • Read fast with various reading techniques
  • News Bar & System Tray Popup Notifier

Browse the Web

  • Browse in spacious windows
  • Experience enhanced tabbed-windows
  • Grab&Save page content while surfing

Manage Your Bookmarks

  • Manage and reach your bookmarks easily
  • Monitor web pages and get updates highlighted

Search the Web

  • Use all search engines from one box
  • No need to open a page, just enter your query
  • Make use of search feeds
    • Save your search results one-by-one
    • Monitor your favorite search queries