Total Commander is a file manager replacement that offers multiple language support, search, file comparison, directory synchronization, quick view panel with bitmap display, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling plus plugins, built-in FTP client with FXP, HTTP proxy support, and more.

This version is available both in 32-bit and 64-bit. Warning: This is a beta version! Please use it only for test purposes! Since 32-bit plugins cannot be used by 64-bit programs, they need to be converted first. Therefore there will not be many plugins available initially for 64-bit. If you use plugins extensively, you should keep using the 32-bit version. You can install both in parallel to the same directory. Just install the 32-bit version before the 64-bit version, otherwise uninstalling the 32-bit version will damage the 64-bit version. Please report errors in forum:

Notes: For regular use, we recommend that you use the latest stable version of Total Commander.

What's New

New functions in Total Commander 11.00


  • Show searchable list of all open tabs with Ctrl+Shift+A (as in the Chrome browser) or right clicking on the rightmost edge of the tab headers
  • Ignore list now supports entries for file system plugins and FTP servers (separate syntax)
  • Search with "Everything": Support search in indexed subfolders
  • Show full path with all parents in nested virtual folders, e.g. when accessing a phone
  • Show free and total space of Android devices in the base folder
  • Follow link files (*.lnk) pointing to directories relative to the current location, e.g. %WinDir%\explorer.exe ..\..\content
  • Inform other Total Commander instances on the same PC when the user changes the "Start" menu or button bars
  • In place rename, command line: Stop on Ctrl+Left/Right at extra non-alphanumeric characters
  • Standalone Lister, search, compare and synchronize dirs can be started maximized and minimized

File operations:

  • High speed packing and unpacking of ZIP and GZ files with modified libdeflate library
  • F5 copy: New overwrite mode "Rename older target files, skip newer"
  • F5 copy, ftp/plugin transfers: Show transfer speed of the entire copy operation in the second progress bar when available
  • File system plugins and FTP: Show new option "Finish copying the current file" when aborting copying
  • Unpack ZIP files with ZSTD (by Facebook) compression
  • Unpack .zst (ZSTD) and .br (BROTLI) files

Directory history:

  • New style directory history list which is no longer based on a Windows menu
  • Quick search and quick filter support
  • Quick search in whole path by starting search strings with an asterisk
  • Right click context menu support with many options like opening the directory in the other panel or a new tab
  • Context menu, option to copy path to clipboard
  • Context menu, option to remove entries from history
  • Context menu, option to show all items when history thinning is enabled
  • Keep track of most frequently used directories and show them in the directory history in addition to the history entries
  • Keep list of frequently used directories synchronized between multiple Total Commander instances on the same PC


  • Hex mode: highlighting in both text and hex representation of file content
  • Copy the selection to the clipboard as hexadecimal characters, with Ctrl+Shift+C or via the right-click menu

Internal commands:

  • CM_COPY, CM_RENMOV, CM_CREATESHORTCUT support parameters to set dialog box options
  • New tab commands: cm_RenameTab, cm_SetTabOption*, cm_SetAllTabsOption*, cm_OpenNewTabOther, cm_OpenNewTabBgOther
  • New quick search commands: cm_QuickSearch, cm_QuickSearch 1, cm_QuickFilter
  • New drive commands: cm_DriveContextMenu, cm_OpenDriveByIndex
  • New command line commands: cm_ShowCmdLineHistory, cm_AddFileNameToCmdline, cm_AddPathAndFileNameToCmdline
  • New internal command OPENBARMENU opens the passed .bar file as a dropdown menu
  • Command line parameters in button bar/start menu:
  • New parameter %y (lowercase) keeps other parameters and skips only list file parameters if the list is empty
  • New parameter %a (lowercase) includes all selected files from both panels in list parameters like %L
  • New parameter %|envvar| inserts environment variable envvar, e.g. %|windir| or %|$DESKTOP|