Total Commander Beta

Total Commander 9.22 RC 2

The latest beta of Total Commander giving you sneak peek of what's coming in version 9.00.

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Total Commander is a file manager replacement that offers multiple language support, search, file comparison, directory synchronization, quick view panel with bitmap display, ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, GZ, CAB, ACE archive handling plus plugins, built-in FTP client with FXP, HTTP proxy support, and more.

This version is available both in 32-bit and 64-bit. Warning: This is a beta version! Please use it only for test purposes! Since 32-bit plugins cannot be used by 64-bit programs, they need to be converted first. Therefore there will not be many plugins available initially for 64-bit. If you use plugins extensively, you should keep using the 32-bit version. You can install both in parallel to the same directory. Just install the 32-bit version before the 64-bit version, otherwise uninstalling the 32-bit version will damage the 64-bit version. Please report errors in forum:

Notes: For regular use, we recommend that you use the latest stable version of Total Commander.

What's New?

Release Total Commander 9.22 release candidate 2 (32/64)

  • Fixed: Copy in background: wait up to 5 seconds while mouse button is currently down, e.g. for drag&drop, then cancel operation with ESC to avoid lockup (32/64) Fixed: Improved patch of unacev2.dll, also handling absolute paths (c:\ or \) in addition to relative ..\ (32)
  • Fixed: Lister: Press '4' while already using a single plugin, then '1' would not turn off that plugin (64)
  • Fixed: Lister: Hide percent when using internal media player (32/64)
  • Fixed: String "Search result:" in drive label field wasn't updated when changing language (the fix also updates the current tab, but not other tabs) (32/64)
  • Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Do not warn if local dir contains 2 identical names with different case, e.g. a.txt and A.txt. However, sync functions are limited in this case (32/64)
  • Fixed: Ctrl+D, add directory to subfolder containing nested subfolders -> it wasn't added at the end of the subfolder, but before the first nested subfolder (32/64)
  • Fixed: Accessing tab with inaccessible network path can cause a hang when using IgnoreDirErrors=1 (32/64)
  • Fixed: After uploading zip file to virtual path (e.g. Android device), it could sometimes be opened internally by mistake (32/64)
  • Added: Included latest unrar dll 5.70.0 from (32/64)
  • Fixed: Handle directory traversal bug in unacev2.dll, affecting only the "unpack all" (Alt+F9) function (32)
  • Fixed: Shift+F4 dialog: Buttons "Tree" and "Cancel" were incorrect when using Cyrillic translation on English locale (32)
  • Fixed: Search: Detection of infinite loops in hard links/junctions/reparse points didn't always work (32/64)
  • Fixed: Couldn't drag directory from separate tree to empty space in tab header to add it (32/64)
  • Added: Always look in registry for key if no wincmd.key file is found in the supported locations (32/64)
  • Fixed: ZIP packer: ???? were shown instead of the name when packing to Unicode extra field, and verifying any Unicode mode (32/64)
  • Fixed: Directory history with shift+mouse wheel not working (64)
  • Fixed: Lister (F3), internal media player: Window size too small when viewing a lot of mp3 files, so the menu is broken into 2 lines (64)
  • Fixed: Lister (F3) was ticking the wrong codepage in the "Encoding" menu when opened (64)
  • Fixed: Folder tabs: when not using multiple lines for tabs, drag & drop of a tab to the opposite panel would add it to the source panel if it had hidden (scrolled) tabs under that position (32/64) 14.01.19 Fixed: Ignore X64Menu option on 32-bit Windows (32)
  • Fixed: When using X64Menu=1 in 64-bit version, the dialog in context menu - X32 - Configure was very small (64)
  • Fixed: ZIP packer: An incompressible file slightly smaller than 4GB, resulting in a compressed file >4GB appeared with a size of -1 in the created ZIP (but could still be unpacked) (32/64)
  • Fixed: Re-upload to FTP after editing now also works when the FTP connection is not displayed in one of the two panels, but still active (32/64)
  • Fixed: Compare by content, 2 files on the same FTP server but different user names -> edited file could be re-uploaded to the wrong server (32/64)
  • Fixed: Select all, switch between full and brief view mode: Entire list was scrolled slowly (64)
  • Fixed: FTP Upload/Download: Selection wasn't cleared when adding files to already opened background transfer manager with F5 - F2 (32/64)
  • Fixed: Header-encrypted RAR: Open archive, minimize+restore TC, try to unpack file, enter wrong password (remember password checked) -> user isn't asked again for the correct password (32/64)
  • Fixed: Dual screen, TC on the right screen: Search in separate process, maximize, minimize, restore -> search window had 0*0 pixel size (32/64)
  • Fixed: FTP error "Command in progress" in special case: Synchronize dirs, compare local dir with ftp, compare by content, edit remote file, save file, close compare tool, re-upload (32/64)
  • Fixed: Function to check file system links (junctions, reparse points) for infinite loops didn't handle relative paths created e.g. via "mklink /D MyDirLink ..\MyDir" while in directory "C:\MyDir" (32/64)
  • Fixed: Button bar: cd *.ext (to set custom filter) didn't support Unicode when using separate Left/Right menus (32/64)
  • Fixed: Multi-rename tool: [f] option didn't work for manually entered text, only for placeholders like [N] -> [f] is now applied for the entire text until the end or the next upper-/lowercase placeholder (32/64)
  • Fixed: Click on locked tab (directory changes not allowed) showed message about new tab when using TabEnterDirChange=2, but only if it was already the active tab (32)
  • Fixed: Click on locked tab (directory changes not allowed) showed message about new tab when using TabEnterDirChange=2 (64)
  • Fixed: Crash when starting external sync tool with /S=S parameter when PreventScrollbarCrash=1 was set (the default on Windows 8.1) (64)
  • Fixed: Search function: when going through list of old searches with up/down keys while the combobox was closed, the "RegEx" checkmark was only set, not removed (32/64)
  • Fixed: Search function: when going through list of old searches with up/down keys, the index reverted to the first item when a search with regular expression was encountered (64)
  • Fixed: Open archive with alternate packer via right click menu (internal association: **ext), then press Ctrl+B -> the default packer was now used (32/64)
  • Fixed: Crash viewing ICO files containing multiple PNG images (the problem seems to be re-using the TLazReaderPNG) (64)
  • Fixed: Search in archives by size wouldn't reliably find files >=2GBytes (32/64)
  • Fixed: Crash unpacking xz-packed zipx archives (because the necessary functions were missing from newer TCMDLZMA.DLL / TCLZMA64.DLL files) (32/64)

User interface:

  • When using multiple monitors, the position and size can be stored separately for each screen (switch with Win+Shift+Cursor left/right)
  • Button bar: Button size and small icon size can now be set separately for each screen scale (dpi)
  • Icon from internal association takes precedence over internal packer icon (e.g. for *.rar)
  • wincmd.ini [Configuration] IgnoreDirErrors=1 allows to switch to inaccessible or non-existent directories, shows in file list instead

File operations:

  • Shift+F7 creates directory in target panel
  • Button bar, command line: support shell GUIDs, e.g. to go to Explorer's recent dirs, use
  • cd ::{22877a6d-37a1-461a-91b0-dbda5aaebc99}
  • Files - change attributes: Button to load attributes from file under cursor in target panel


  • Support for client certificates for ftps (ftp over ssl/tls) from Windows certificate store. Only works with schannel library on Vista or newer, not openssl
  • Set the FTPS mode via prefix: ftpes:// = explicit (MODE TLS), ftpis:// = impicit (encrypted from the start)
  • Compare by content:
  • Select all with Ctrl+A

Multi-rename tool:

  • New placeholder [f] for "First of each word uppercase (English in Titles)". Certain words like ze=2 face="arial">"a", "an" and "the" are converted to lowercase