iClip allows you to quickly copy & paste and drag & drop clippings to and from its multiple "clipping bins" so that you can easily access them in the applications you're using.

The clippings can be of various types such as text, pictures, Internet locations, sounds, and more.

Clippings can be organized into unlimited groups called "clipping sets" to help you keep all of your clippings neatly arranged.

Since the Scrapbook application that was in older Mac OS versions isn't a part of Mac OS X, iClip can conveniently serve as a replacement for it. You stay focused on the tasks you're accomplishing while saving time and streamlining your workflow.

Be more productive.

iClip helps you save time and be more efficient with most everything you do on your Mac. Store various types of clippings in iClip's bins and access them whenever you need them. You'll improve your workflow and stay focused on what you're accomplishing.

Access instantly.

iClip stays out of your crowded Dock. You access it via a menu bar button that's available in every application. Get to your information the second you need it.

Avoid repetition.

With iClip, you avoid redundant typing, such as when filling out web forms. If you regularly complete forms like search engine submissions, etc., then iClip is perfect for you. You'll eliminate repetitive typing and typos by storing your commonly accessed info in iClip. You'll be pleased with the time you save and the mistakes you prevent.

Take note.

There's hardly a faster way to take a note than with iClip...just click and type.

Stay organized.

Arrange your clippings into groups so you can quickly find what you're looking for. There's even a special group that automatically records everything you copy to the Clipboard, for even more efficiency.

What's New:

  • New: Hot Key for quickly switching the screen iClip appears on (only useful if you have more than one screen).
  • Fixed: Hot Key digits and letters during Hot Key Copy & Paste are visible again.
  • Fixed: Pasting of clips via Hot Key while using the search window.
  • Fixed: iClip window transparency in macOS 10.12.
  • Fixed: Aviods crashes when dragging clips from iClip.
  • Fixed: Prevents a rare crash around "unversioned libcrypto".