Simple tool for generating random passwords based on specified character set with customizable output format.

User can easily select groups of characters used for password like lower case letters, upper case letters, digits, specify custom character set and formatting of the password, check for uniqueness, eliminate similar characters and much more.

Application also supports command line execution, for unattended generation of passwords.

What's New:

  • Converted application project from Delphi to Lazarus/FPC.
  • Use Settings.ini instead of .ini naming for settings.
  • Store all user data in user profile directory for Installer version.
  • Added multilingual support using PO files in Languages folder.
  • Added Language menu.
  • Added Russian translation file.
  • Updated application icon to be cleaner and crisper.
  • Fixed truncated display of used password characters.
  • Renamed "Double digit probability" to "Double probability of digits" to avoid confusion.
  • Do not halt application when not supported command line arguments were supplied.
  • Internal code improvements.