FreeFileSync 9.3

FreeFileSync is a free and Open Source folder comparison and synchronization tool.

Note: We've detected that FreeFileSync's installer might attempt to bundle third-party software. Our team has compiled a list of clean alternatives you can try instead. You can still download FreeFileSync but we suggest to proceed with caution and select the "Custom" installation option to identify any potential unwanted software.
11.4 MB
4.6 20 votes

It is highly optimized for performance and usability without a needlessly complex user interface.


  • Detect moved and renamed files and folders
  • Copy locked files (Volume Shadow Copy Service)
  • Detect conflicts and propagate deletions
  • Binary comparison
  • Full support for Symbolic Links
  • Automate sync as a batch job
  • Multiple folder pairs
  • Copy NTFS extended attributes (compressed, encrypted, sparse)
  • Copy NTFS security permissions
  • Support long path names > 260 characters
  • Fail-safe file copy
  • Cross-platform: Windows/Linux
  • Expand environment variables like %USERPROFILE%
  • Access variable drive letters by volume name (USB sticks)
  • Native 32 and 64-bit builds
  • Keep versions of deleted/updated files
  • Optimal sync sequence prevents disc space bottlenecks
  • Full unicode support
  • Highly optimized performance
  • Include/exclude files via filter
  • Local and portable installation
  • Handle daylight saving time changes on FAT/FAT32
  • Use macros %time%, %date%, et al. for recurring backups
  • Case sensitive synchronization
  • Built-in locking serializes multiple jobs running against the same network share

What's New:

  • New buttons allow changing the order of folder pairs
  • New keyboard shortcuts for rearranging folder pairs
  • Preserve comparison results when deleting a specific folder pair
  • Allow inserting new folder pairs into the middle of the list
  • Append status to log file names when warnings occur
  • Don't interrupt immediate comparison when starting a .ffs_gui file for slow devices
  • Work around wxWidgets bug eating up command keys in text boxes (Linux)
  • Fixed incorrect parameter error when checking recycle bin on drive mounted with Paragon ExtFS (Windows)
  • Use colon as time stamp seperator in log file names
  • Refactored basic low-level file traversal routine
  • Optimized file icon startup procedure
  • Fixed occasional failure to set modification times on Samba shares (OS X)
  • Transfer creation times during file copy (OS X)
  • Support copying file times with nano-second precision (OS X)

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