SyncBackSE can easily backup or synchronize your important files to another drive, directory, or network. Highly configurable, but extremely simple to use. Integrated with Windows Scheduler to automate backups.


  • Copy locked or open files
  • Fast Backup and Smart Synchronization
  • Versioning (keep previous backup versions)
  • Powerful FTP engine & AES encryption
  • Superb feature set and customization
  • Easy to use Wizards
  • Generous Licensing Policy
  • Extensive Help Documentation

What's New:

  • Updated (SE/Pro): Improved SMART drive failure detection
  • Updated: Network profile settings page shows if already connected and as who
  • Updated (Pro): New Profile Wizard uses unencrypted cloud connection if URL is http
  • Updated (Pro): Automatically falls back to using path style URL with S3 compatible servers if virtual hostname URL fails
  • Updated: Easier to select shared settings
  • Updated (SE/Pro): Worker threads now used if two or more files being uploaded or download with FTP (was previously 5)
  • Updated (Pro): Backblaze B2 always uses TLS 1.2 (as required)
  • Fixed: Now compares encrypted file attribute when using FAT/exFAT and Windows 10 or newer
  • Fixed (Pro): Better at remembering host key for SFTP connections when testing in profile configuration
  • Fixed (Pro): Fixed manifest file so backup of email with No Install now works
  • Fixed (Pro): Empty folders on Box considered not to exist
  • Fixed (Pro): OneDrive Personal, Business and SharePoint improved retries on scanning failure